Video Rental System project in VB

Video Rental System project

This proposal consists of a DSS project in video rental industry. The project will help the video store to make their business more efficient in terms of sales. The main problem in video stores is that they do not have enough copies of certain movies(mostly new releases). This DSS project will address this problem and it will estimate the number of copies of a certain movie that a video store needs by considering theatre sales, ratings, reviews and current account holders.
The user of this system will be the manager of the video store. By using this system, the manager will be able to modify the video store in a best way that appeals to the customers. When the customers enter to the store, they will be able to find the release they want much easier and much quicker. With the help of the…….

Audio/video Distributed System
Imagine a scenario where you are enjoying your favorite blockbuster on your high definition television, comfortably perched on your living room couch. Suddenly out of the blue your door bell rings. The security camera sitting atop your door scans the image of the person standing at the door and sends the image to your living room, which is immediately displayed on your TV screen. It¡Çs that salesman again who keeps on bugging you for things you don¡Çt want. You send a voice message for the salesman (¡ÈGet Lost¡É seems to be most appropriate) on the microphone. The speakers attached to the entry door play the message and the salesman goes back looking grim. And you get back to your favorite video. All this without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Or, a scenario where you, sitting in your room, browse the sound tracks stored in systems all across your house in different rooms and play them on the speakers in your room. Without moving your bum!

The above scenarios may sound like scenes

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