Selection procedure and question papers of ESSAR

Selection procedure and question papers of ESSAR.

Eligiblity for 2009 passing out batch 60% in B.Tech and Date of Birth after 1-05-1986.

1st Company’s PPT.
2nd online writtten test.
3rd technical .
4th PI.

Online written Test – This is the main round u have to clear it with good marks ,it will help u in the technical round so try to clear written technical with good marks.

Written paper has 4 sections- mathematical aptitude, reasoning, english, technical .
All questions are very easy but you have to concentrate on time running on each page.

For mathematical aptitude : just remember the formulas of R.S AGGARWAL and solve or concentrate on Examples. This is more than enough.
If you are good in calculations just concentrate at the time of test.

English: Passages are very easy and scoring ,Fill in the blanks all from barron’s gre 12th edition try to remember the answers of model test papers,
synonys antonyms are very difficult, if u are good in english then only u can be confident otherwise hit any options as i did.

Technical questions As this was my 3rd attempt for a core company i realized that all companys are asking mechanical questions from the book Mechanical Engineering (conventional and Objective Type)
S.CHAND writter R.S. KHURMI and J.K.GUPTA so try to remember objective as more as u can, it will help u for all campus selections.
In essar if u will perform in written technical section then they will ask 1-2 question only in next technical round. Some of them are

Technical written:
1. Work done is Zero for which process?
2. Which cycle has high efficiency?
3. The power of 2 –stroke engine varies from 4 – stroke engine by______.
4. Sudden reduction in barometer leads to ______.
5. Composition of Stainless steel ____.
6. Gears are produced in mass production by ______.
7. Pick out the wrong statements:
a) The good fuel should have high calorific value
b) Ease in storing
c) High ignition point
d) Low smoke and gases
8. Composition of Gun metal _____.
9. Gears are commonly called with _______
10. A good fuel should have ________ ignition point.
11. If heat supplied into the system is 30000 J/S and the power output is 9KW. What is the efficiency of system?
12. A square rod of 2cm x 2cm of which a force of 8800Kg is acting on it. What is the stress developed in it?

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