Report on Inventory Managment

Performance Appraisal through Inventory Management with reference to Dankuni Coal Complex. LPG or Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization as it is referred in short today have changed the scenario of corporate world and management of enterprises in our country. It has now become more important to not just manage an organization but to achieve corporate excellence simultaneously as the future belongs to learning and performing organizations. As every business concern irrespective of its size, nature, and age needs an adequate level of inventory to carry out business operations and survive, inventory becomes an important and integral part of business. Inadequate inventories means interruption of production and sales operation whereas excessive inventories means accumulation of idle funds and increase in carrying cost. Therefore, to manage inventories in any sector is a challenging job. The project report titled “Performance appraisal through Inventory Management with reference to Dankuni Coal Complex” deals with this matter and is based on the in-house industrial training at Dankuni Coal Complex, pertaining to the requirement for the Diploma of PGDM from “Graduate School of Business And Administration.” Unless organization learn to manage its inventory, success, will be elusive. Thus, the effectiveness of an organization depends much on the strength of its inventory management which is an important part of the whole system. In the context of India’s Coal Industry inventory management holds a greater significance because coal which is one of the major source of fuel for any industry, in recent years has become more crucial for achieving rapid economic growth of our country. Keeping this background in view, an attempt is made to examine the performance of inventory management in SECL with special reference to Dankuni Coal Complex. The project contains the procedures for the analysis of inventory, ratios being used to define the efficiency of inventory management and the impact of shortcomings in the management of it. All this had been done to get a clear view of the techniques of inventory management in Dankuni Coal Complex. TOPICS  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY  METHODOLOGY  COAL INDUSTRY IN INDIA -A RETROSPECT  COAL INDIA LTD.-A PROFILE OF THE PARENT  SOUTH EASTERN COALFIELDS LTD.-A PROFILE OF THE SUBSIDIARY  DANKUNI COAL COMPLEX-A PROFILE OF THE UNIT OF SECL  INVENTORY MANAGEMENT-AN OVERVIEW  ANALYSIS OF INVENTORY OF DANKUNI COAL COMPLEX  CONCLUSION  RECOMMENDATIONS  BIBLIOGRAPHY

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