What is the Scope of doing CMA after Retirement Age of 60 Years?

Vivek asked 11 months ago

Is there any scope for mechanical Engineers in the field of cost accounting with CMA degree after the age of 60 years?

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1 Answers
Admin Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Vivek

What do you mean by Scope? Scope in which Sense?

If you are asking about getting a job then sorry no degree can help you at the age of retirement. By the time you will finish your CMA, the time for the retirement will come.

But if you are asking from a viewpoint other than a job then yes there is scope for it. After getting retire from a job you can continue earning by doing practice. For Practicing Cost Accountant there is no age of retirement.

Hope your query is resolved. If you are still facing any problem or confusion then feel free to contact us anytime by replying to this question/answer.

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