How much salary does a fresher get after completing CMA (ICWAI) Course?

kaustubh Patel Staff asked 2 years ago

How much salary, On Campus offered to a fresher student? I am little concerned because I had recently cleared my CMA and now want to prepare for the next campus.

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TechShristi Staff answered 2 years ago

I think you are asking about Minimum and Maximum Salary of a fresher student in campus. If so then read below.

Below you will find the status of CMA Salary in India

Minimum Salary: 4 Lakhs

Average Salary: 7 Lakhs

Maximum Salary: 11 Lakhs

Here, it is also important to note that the highest package is offered to few students only. Only 2 or 3 students are offered with a package of more than 10 Lakhs and rest fall in the average category.
I knew about this because I was one of them. iN 2014 campus, I got selected for the highest package of 10 P.a.
This package was offered to three students only. Just imagine, 3 students out of around 200 + students.
Out of 200 students, three students were selected for a package of 10 lakhs and 22 students were selected for a package of 7 lakhs. Rest was not selected or was selected with the minimum salary of 4 lakhs.
You will find my experience at below link

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