Quant. Apptitude test 6




1) The duration of this test is 50 minutes and the test is meant to be taken in one-go    without any break(s).


2) This test has 25 questions. Each question carries +4 marks on answering correctly.


3) Each question has 5 options only one of which is correct.


4) Wrong answer(s) carries negative mark that is progressive. For the 1st two wrong answers the negative marking is 0, and -1 more on the previous for each subsequent wrong answer thereafter.  E.g. 5 wrong answers attract penalty of (0*2 – 1-2-3 = -6 marks).


5) HINTS for answering: No correct answer option is common to the questions 3, 7, 13, 16, 22. E.g. if the correct answer to question 3 is (5) then none of the questions 7, 13, 16, 22 can have option (5) as the right answer. Also, the correct answer option for question 3 and 24 is same.


6) Use of slide rule, log tables and calculators is not permitted.


7) Use the blank space in the question paper for the rough work.

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