Project Report on retail banking


                         Retail banking is one of the main functional areas of today’s banking industry. The importance of retail banking has been increasing for the last many years. The habit of saving and the habit of taking loan among the middle class people has contributed a lot to it. It helps the bank in distributing the risk and increasing its profitability. The incoming of various private banks and foreign banks has also increased the competition in the banking sector. Meeting the customer’s need is the only way, to become the best in the whole industry. This makes it important to know the customer’s present satisfaction level and their views regarding the bank’s services.



 To know the satisfaction level of the customers regarding the various retail account services.

  • To know how well the bank maintains the customer-employee relation.
  • To know the goodwill of the bank.
  • To know the key area to be concentrated for increasing the customer satisfaction.
  • To know the problems of the customers and to know their suggestions to enhance the quality of the services.




                      The population in this study is the customers who visit the bank at least once in month. About 3000 customers include in this category. Out of these customers 300 customers where chosen as the samples using random sampling method. The customers where given a questionnaire to be filled by them. The questionnaire includes 20 questions and an option for suggestions. The data collection where done from the bank and it took a week to complete the data collection. The data where entered in SPSS and analysis where done using the same software. Percentage study was done using cross tab and further analysis was done using regression.




                      The findings of the study imply that, the bank is showing a satisfactory performance in the field of retail banking, and there are some drawbacks in the key areas. If the bank don’t put enough importance to this, it will be difficult for the bank to survive and compete with other banks. The study shows that there is a good relation between the customer employee relation and the customer’s overall satisfaction.

                      When we see about the ATM facility provided by the bank, it was found that the main users of this facility are the SB account holders. Among the SB account holders 55% of the customers make use of ATM facility. Another fact found was that about 45% of them face the problem with the ATM facility.

                      Along with the services, the customers give good importance to the their relation with the employees. When there is a good customer employee relation it is positively affecting the goodwill of the bank. Another important finding is that 25% of the customers do feel irritated by the behavior of the employees. This can have a negative effect on the bank in developing new customers through the existing customers.



  • Create a good awareness and confidence among the customers about the various services of the bank and encourage them to make use of them.
  • Start an extra counter in order to reduce the transaction time.
  • Provide regular maintenance for the ATMs and provide a telephone facility at each ATM connecting the nearest branch.
  • Open a counter exclusively for customer care.
  • Provide home banking for aged customers.



                      Even though the bank is showing a satisfactory performance in the retail area, it is not sufficient enough to compete with the new generation banks. At the same time it is sure that if the bank overcomes the existing drawbacks it will be difficult for all other banks to compete with UBI. This is mainly because majority of the customers have good faith in the bank. The existing drawbacks have not much affected this faith of the customers. So the bank should take solid steps to over come these problems.


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