Project Report on Customer Satisfaction

A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Chits in Pulivendula with reference to Shriram Chits Pvt Ltd

Shriram Chits started its operations in the year 1974 with a single branch and has in a short span grown into a trusted household name for making Chits a viable form of saving and borrowing to all sections of the society. Shriram now has a turn over exceeding Rs. 2500 Crores, 465 Branches and 5000 employees.

 Shriram Chits has to date disbursed over Rs. 8000 Crores as Prize Money. Shriram Chits operates in four States. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra, where it has a reputation for timely disbursement of funds and excellent customer service that differentiates it from other companies.

At the SHRIRAM “They add a customer every 3 seconds.”



  • Trunk Financing
  • Online Share Trading
  • Insurance
  • Chit Funds



 The rational behind this topic is that the people does not have good opinion about investments in chit fund. So the company wanted to know about the customer perception towards their organization.



  • To find out the level of customer’s satisfaction towards the services provide by Shriram Chits.
  • To find out the reasons for investing in Shriram Chits.
  • To find out the opinion on promotional strategies.
  • Suggest suitable methods for improving sales volume of Shriram Chits.
  • This study helps to assess the strength and weakness of Shriram Chits. Also it helps to compare it’s position with it’s competitors.
  • This study also helps to find out the level of satisfaction among customers towards the organization schemes and promotional activities etc.



  • The major constraint of the study was the short duration of time as the study was conducted within three months.
  • The study was conducted in and around Kadapa due to time and cost constraints.



Research design

          A research design is the specification of methods and procedures for acquiring the needed data to solve the problems.

Data Collection

          The nature of data is both Primary and Secondary data.

Primary Data Collection Methods

          Primary Data is collected from consumers survey method.

  • Observation Method
  • Interview Method
  • Questionnaire Method

Secondary Data

          Secondary data is already collected from the industries, companies, magazines, news papers, Government Publications etc.



Sampling Techniques

             Convenience Sampling Method has been adopted for the study when population elements are selected for inclusion in the sample based and the ease of access of the researcher can be called convenience sampling.


Sample size

          The sample to be used in 150 customers.



  • Percentage Method
  • Carl Pearson Rank Correlation
  • Weighted Average Method



          This report is to be submitted after the study.

  • Title page
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Research Methodology and Design
  • Analysis and Interpretation
  • Summary of Findings
  • Recommendations and Suggestions
  • Annexure
  • Bibliography



          Thus the researcher would like to study consumer satisfaction of Shriram Chits in this maner.

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