Project Report on Amul Industry

BBA Project Report on Amul Industry

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Industries whereby milk and milk products are handled are known as Dairy Industry. Dairy Industry includes all the firms dealing with the processing of milk and manufacturing of milk products and their marketing in industrial scale. Dairy Industry is a very important and the basic industry for country like India. Nearly 70% of the people in India is based on agriculture and most of them have cattle’s (cows and buffaloes) in their houses. Indian Dairy Industry is dominated by cooperative sectors for so many years. Indian dairying is emerging as a sunrise industry. India represents one of the world’s largest and fastest growing markets for milk and milk products. World focus on India for this industry are because of low cost economy, liberalization process, low inflation rate, inexpensive labor, largest democracy, no government interference, etc.

 On the peasant milk producers of Khaira district, Gujarat the NDDB (National Dairy Development Board) was set up under the chairmanship of Dr. Verghese Kuriene in 1970 under the programmed, the Anand Dairy of Khaira was developed first. Khaira is one of the India’s flushest milk tracts and is distinguished by a famous dairy procurement, processing and marketing co-operative established at Anand in 1946.

Amul is nothing but an experiment. The Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers union selected the board name ‘AMUL’ for its product range in 1995.

Amul means ‘priceless’ in Sanskrit. The brand name ‘AMUL’ is from the Sanskrit ‘AMULYA’ was suggested by the quality control ‘priceless’ are found in several Indian languages.

Amul is situated at Anand in Gujarat. The chairman of Amul Dairy is Shri Ratan Singh A Rathod. Also there are many partners in the organization. It is a large -scale unit, so it requires a large number of employees. It has a co-operative society. It is also an association of personnel who joins together in a solvantary basis for further increase of their common economic interests.

Amul is an experiment, successful run since last 56 years with the objective of up liftment of rural economy.

Amul word is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘AMULYA’ which means priceless. In other words precious or which is price is not evaluated.

Amul is a co-operative unit established on 14th December 1946 at Anand. The union was established under ‘Kaira District Milk Product Limited’.


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