Placement Papers of D. E. Shaw India Software Private Limited

Placement Papers of D. E. Shaw India Software Private Limited

 you should write the programs for the following problems in C.
 1. swapping two variables x,y without using a temporary variable.

 2. a program has been given asking to find the output
        ans. it is algorithm for finding G.C.D

 3. write a program for reversing the given string.

 4. the integers from 1 to n are stored in an array in a random
    fashion. but one integer is missing. write a program to find the
    missing integer.
        ans. idea. the sum of n natural numbers is = n(n+1)/2.
             if we subtract the above sum from the sum of all the
             numbers in the array , the result is nothing but the
             missing number.

 5. some bit type of questions has been given on pointers asking to
    to find whether it is correct from syntax point of view. and if
    it is correct explain what it will do.(around 15 bits).
 6.& 7. two programs on pre-processor directions has been given asking
        to find the output.
 8. simple question given on pointer
    a) kernighan & richie page no. 122
    b) schaum series  page no. 323
    try to understand the pointer problems given here he asked to
    in the interview if answer it in exam.

 9. write a c program to find whether a stack is progressing in forward
   or reverse direction.
 10. write a c program that reverses the linked list.
     the interview is very tough he is asking to do the problems in
   front of him. he is also giving some new problems to solve before
   you should have a very good funda of C language.

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