Reasons Why Oracle Database Solutions Are Considered For Market Leadership

Oracle Market Leader

According to various surveys, Oracle is considered to be a proven tool for market leadership and SQL Database management. In these surveys, the pulse of brand leadership is measured taking into account specific product categories. The respondents were allowed to choose an overall market leader within each product category. Apart from that, the leader in price, reliability, performance, support, and service is also considered. All these categories proved that Oracle is the market leader in different database segments that include:

  • SQL Database
  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Reliability and
  • Service and Support.

If you consider an in-memory database, Oracle is undisputedly the best tool to explore data from different sources. Such investigation and reveiw3 of data will help a business to grow larger and become more diverse.

In addition to this, the growing demand for the complex performing analytics to be simplified the in-memory databases has enabled the decision makers to have easy access to such real-time analytics. In a way, this, in turn, enables the businesses to be better equipped and more agile.  All this leads to better competition.

The DBIM solution

The DBIM solution of Oracle is very helpful in providing an extreme performance of the in-memory database when it comes to analytics through acceleration. In addition to that these solutions are far more cost-effective. The features and benefits of DBIM solutions include:

  • The engineering design that supports scale-up and scale-out models both. This helps the solutions to provide thousands of CPU threads and at the same time provide hundreds of terabytes of memory.
  • The architectural foundation of the solution is designed to be cloud-ready as well. This helps the users to avail an in-memory database which is 100% compatible and will work with any type of Oracle tools as well as any other third-party solutions.

As for the different types of Oracle DBIM benefits enjoyed by the users of it in the SQL database segment it can be categorized as under:

  • It acts as a powerful tool for differentiator security that is essentially required for Oracle databases. Since such security is multilayered, it is important to ensure that it works well with the security system that is built directly into the database kernel of Oracle.
  • Apart from the database security solutions, the non-Oracle databases the complex customer environments are also taken care of.
  • Oracle also provides over and above the competitive offering for SQL Database that includes database activity monitoring. With this tool SQL database solutions will not have to rely on secondary software providers. The Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall, OAVDF will proactively display Oracle as well as non-Oracle database traffic. This will help to detect and block any unauthorized activity.
  • It will help you to secure centralized configuration much more than any other databases that are usually unable to consolidate database services. This prevents chances of database proliferation that will affect management effort, cost as well as security in a negative way. The architectural flexibility of the tool will help you to control database sprawl just like any professional site such as enabling you to implement and enforce security policies more consistently.
  • The tool will also help in the recovery of any privileged and sensitive data within SQL databases. With proper identification, you will be able to use these privileges using Oracle Enterprise Manager. This tool will help you in different aspects such as the discovery of such sensitive and high-risk data. It will help you in policy-based monitoring of usage of privilege data and its reporting.

All these features and benefits of Oracle database will help you to incorporate meaningful innovation in your database management and solutions to different issues that may arise from time to time. With the Data Management Cloud Services of Oracle, you will now be able to connect the power of Oracle database on-premise and deploy Oracle database solutions with proper leverage.

The transformation from the data center to the cloud

With the use of Oracle, you can transform the old school data center management to a cloud-based system and enjoy better and more effective data management solutions. The evaluation will depend on several factors such as:

  • Performance
  • Customer usability
  • Innovations
  • Vision completeness and

However, the evaluation process is not based on these specific parameters only. There is a specific Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for analytics that will provide the customers with a precise and unique value proposition. You will be able to execute it in your strategy easily.

With the strength of cloud-based offerings, Oracle has provided its users with a safe and complete ecosystem that includes cloud services such as:

  • Software-as-a-Service or SaaS
  • Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS and
  • Data-as-a-Service or DaaS.

These different service segments extend full-featured data management offerings of different kinds that perfectly align each step of the data path of a customer. It does not depend on whether or not a customer is looking to empower and computer services for data ingestion or for using the disaster recovery services for data retention for the best returns.

The hybrid cloud design of Oracle has a unique feature in its end-to-end portfolio. This feature is fully compatible with the on-premise Oracle solutions. This makes the data management cloud services more pervasive and popular.

Apart from the above, the data warehouse cloud services provide the customers with a lot of other benefits.

  • First, it helps to gather the data from different databases to create a layer that you can optimize and dedicatedly use it for analytics.
  • DaaS will reduce the complexity in the process along with its cost and allow better management of the associated hardware. This will, in turn, allow the analysts to focus better and come up with a precise value from the given data.
  • Since data will follow its own life-cycle and will not exist in a silo, when you have these in the cloud it will ensure that the data flow to the chief destination points more easily such as the business intelligence engine.

With the intuitive and agile BI cloud, Oracle offers a special power to the analytics that can now use the market-leading Oracle Database.

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