Network security

Network security is a complicated subject, historically only tackled by well-trained and experienced experts. However, as more and more people become “wired”, an increasing number of people need to understand the basics of security in a networked world. It explains the concepts needed to read through the hype in the marketplace and understand risks and how to deal with them.

Some history of networking is included, as well as an introduction to TCP/IP and internetworking. We go on to consider risk management, network threats, firewalls, and more special-purpose secure networking devices.

This is not intended to be a “frequently asked questions” reference, nor is it a “hands-on” document describing how to accomplish specific functionality.

It is hoped that the reader will have a wider perspective on security in general, and better understand how to reduce and manage risk personally, at home, and in the workplace.

The computer is the great invention of 20th century which has been now

the part of our life. Gradually it became necessary to connect different computers that lead to establish local network. The network field grew up by leaps and bound that lead to huge matrix of computer network. This great invention is known as Internet. It benefited to human being in each & every field, which is now part of our life. But as we know each coin has two sides. Similarly the darkness of network field is an unimaginable. For example whenever you connect to your internet, you provide “Gateway” to the hackers & crackers who are wiling to enter your machine thus whenever you connect to internet your machine is not secure at all.

Now the big Q is how to provide protection to your machine & secure our data & information? The only answer is “Network Security”.

To secure your machine is the first rule of today’s cyber world but securing your network is as just imp9ortant as in today’s cyber world.  There is not need to physical access to be completely in control. Network security is the utmost importance to everyone. Network security is indeed the hot topic of discussion amongst all computers enthusiastic & it has also become a major concern in broad room across the globe. Companies have started taking computer security very seriously and dedicated teams who maintain & secure the companies sensitive information round the clock. Even individuals who use ultimate tool the internet have started to show an increase4d demand for tools or ways to protect their system against criminal. It is totally impossible to create 100% foolproof firewall or network without compromising the services that network has offer being aware and regularly updating one’s network in tune with latest updating in field of computer security, is one trick that internet user must have in his or her armory of defense against computer infiltration.

In an era where a single click of mouse is potent enough to lead to a full fledged attack. The increase security of one’s network is no longer luxury that everyone enjoys but it has become necessary.



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