Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

MEMS ,or Micro Electro Mechanical Systems are integrated systemscombining both electro and mechanical components.MEMS are micron sized machines that can be used as mechanical,electrical or chemical transducers.Many different fields such as the automotive and medical industries utilize MEMS because of  four advantages:

   Easier to mass produse

   Lower cost of production

   Easier to make part alternations

   Higher reliability compared to high scale machines.

MEMS are generally made of Polycrystaylline Sillicon,which is the same material used to make integrated circuits(IC).


There are three basic building blocks in MEMS technology ,

To deposit thin films of material on a substrate

To apply a patterned mask on the top of the films by photolithographic imaging and

To etch the films selectively to the mask


Here the general steps of thin film deposition are discussed.We can produce many type of MEMS devices using it.MEMS  deposition  technology  are classified in two groups  due to chemical reaction and physical reaction.


Considering the present and the future perspectives of this technology it is said that as it can process two of the major systems so as a result it is used highly as a synthesis between these systems and hence forth has many of the advantages.It is widely believed and also notified that in the near future MEMS would be replacing many of the present day technologies for its application because of its advantages,reliability and excessive pression.


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