Non linearlity in the air to create sound

The aim of this work was to investigate theoretically and experimentally the fact that it is possible to create sound by using the nonlinearity in air. A speaker was built verifying the theory that if at least two high frequencies at high amplitude is propagating through a nonlinear medium, for example air, the difference frequency of these two is created… Read moreNon linearlity in the air to create sound

Report on Steam Boiler at BALKRISHNA BOILERS PVT. LTD.

BALKRISHNA BOILERS PVT. LTD. is into manufacturing and supply of allt ype of heating drying and spares since last 20 years. heating systems with the latest technology with high efficiency minimum maintain and user fondly equipment. The Company is able to supply application support products advice and full Technical back up on all aspects of heating systems, To get the… Read moreReport on Steam Boiler at BALKRISHNA BOILERS PVT. LTD.

Computational Fluid Dynamics-CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics-CFD is the numerical study of the behavior of systems involving fluid flow, heat transfer and other related physical processes. Computational Structural Dynamics involves the study of the dynamic behavior of structures. A wide range of physical phenomena involves both fluid dynamics and structural dynamics that influence each other. Typical Fluid-Structure Interaction involves fluid flow affecting the structural… Read moreComputational Fluid Dynamics-CFD

Report On Tyre Treading

Tyre treads have always played and vital role for the better control of any vehicle. Desired treading is required in tyres for better traction of vehicle, better braking efficiency, decreasing noise while driving and for better grip over vehicle. Motor enthusiasts are always fascinated about the tyre treads of their cars for on and off-road driving purpose. In this report… Read moreReport On Tyre Treading


COMPONENTS OF AN AIR BRAKE SYSTEM: Air brake system consists of the following components: Compressor: The compressor generates the compressed air for the whole system. Reservoir: The compressed air from the compressor is stored in the reservoir. Unloader Valve: This maintains pressure in the reservoir at 8bar.When the pressure goes above 8 bar it immediately releases the pressurized air to… Read moreAIR BRAKE SYSTEM

air muscle

Air muscle is essentially a robotic actuator which is replacing the conventional pneumatic cylinders at a rapid pace. Due to their low production costs and very high power to weight ratio, as high as 400:1, the preference for Air Muscles is increasing. Air Muscles find huge applications in biorobotics and development of fully functional prosthetic limbs, having superior controlling as… Read moreair muscle

automatic speed control system Seminar

Every life that alive in this universe likes to enjoy the beauty in the nature. In this human beings also one kind. Towards achieving these enjoyments human beings invented & created the vehicles. But actually what happens, they are satisfying their needs by using these, but also suffering with accidents and losing valuable lives & property due to rash driving… Read moreautomatic speed control system Seminar