di diesel engine

di diesel engine Diesel engines are the prime movers for heavy-duty vehicles used in transportation and agricultural sectors. Diesel engines meet their energy requirement from stored fuels i.e. petroleum products. The twin problems of both depletion in scarce resources and atmospheric pollution caused by vehicles running on petro products are perturbing the researchers to find available and immediate alternative to… Read moredi diesel engine


AIR BRAKE SYSTEM COMPONENTS OF AN AIR BRAKE SYSTEM: Air brake system consists of the following components: Compressor: The compressor generates the compressed air for the whole system. Reservoir: The compressed air from the compressor is stored in the reservoir. Unloader Valve: This maintains pressure in the reservoir at 8bar.When the pressure goes above 8 bar it immediately releases the… Read moreAIR BRAKE SYSTEM


SR.NO. TITLE   PAGE NO. 1                       INTRODUCTION OF CNC 3 2               HISTORY OF CNC MAINTENANCE 4 3                   METHOD OF CNC FOUR STEP           11 4                     TOOLING MILLING MACHINE 12 5                     BASIC NOMENCLATURE        13 6                REPAIR OF SPINDLE METHOD        15      7     COMPARING HORIZONTAL MILLING… Read moreCNC MAINTENANCE

Automated Cantilever Strain Measurements

 When a load is applied at the end of a beam, it creates a moment, shear stress, and strain on the beam.  These factors are critical in designing structures using beams.  Many laboratories conduct research on the relationship between the loads and those factors.  The cantilever’s strain can be measured autonomously using a Parallax Basic Stamp, programmed with PBasic.  The… Read moreAutomated Cantilever Strain Measurements

Report on Liquid Nitrogen

Our paper examines the capability of several energy conversion process to provide sufficient energy in a world where the non-renewable resource are getting depleted. Moreover pollution caused by them is increasing at a rapid rate. One such efficient and non-polluting means of running the vehicles is the use of liquid nitrogen. To use liquid nitrogen as a non-polluting fuel, a… Read moreReport on Liquid Nitrogen

HCCI Engines-Opportunities and Challenges

In today’s world of global warming and increasing pollution, we are in the search of an alternate engine technology which gives the advantages of conventional engines and at the same time have lower harmful exhaust. The destination of this search is HCCI Engines. So I have included a brief comparison of HCCI Engines with conventional engines. I have included the… Read moreHCCI Engines-Opportunities and Challenges

Non linearlity in the air to create sound

The aim of this work was to investigate theoretically and experimentally the fact that it is possible to create sound by using the nonlinearity in air. A speaker was built verifying the theory that if at least two high frequencies at high amplitude is propagating through a nonlinear medium, for example air, the difference frequency of these two is created… Read moreNon linearlity in the air to create sound