composites materials Seminar

composites_materials Seminar Fibre-reinforced polymer composite materials are fast gaining ground as preferred materials for construction of aircrafts and spacecrafts. In particular, their use as primary structural materials in recent years in several technology-demonstrator front-line aerospace projects world-wide has provided confidence leading to their acceptance as prime materials for aerospace vehicles. This paper gives a review of some of these developments… Read morecomposites materials Seminar

di diesel engine

di diesel engine Diesel engines are the prime movers for heavy-duty vehicles used in transportation and agricultural sectors. Diesel engines meet their energy requirement from stored fuels i.e. petroleum products. The twin problems of both depletion in scarce resources and atmospheric pollution caused by vehicles running on petro products are perturbing the researchers to find available and immediate alternative to… Read moredi diesel engine

Ppt Presentation on Hydrogen based Fuel cell

Ppt Presentation on Hydrogen based Fuel cell •Hydrogen fuel cells are one of the most promising up-and-coming clean power sources today. Fuel cells have been used for decades on NASA spacecraft •A fuel cell consists of a central electrolyte layer, sandwiched between two catalyst layers. Various materials for these layers are used, but the basic process is the same. When… Read morePpt Presentation on Hydrogen based Fuel cell


SR.NO. TITLE   PAGE NO. 1                       INTRODUCTION OF CNC 3 2               HISTORY OF CNC MAINTENANCE 4 3                   METHOD OF CNC FOUR STEP           11 4                     TOOLING MILLING MACHINE 12 5                     BASIC NOMENCLATURE        13 6                REPAIR OF SPINDLE METHOD        15      7     COMPARING HORIZONTAL MILLING… Read moreCNC MAINTENANCE