3D Modeling and Virtual Manufacturing of a Machine Component using CATIA V5 and MASTERCAM.

The primary goal of engineering is to transform ideas into products that are economical and reliable. The process of designing and manufacturing of a product often involves a sizable investment and draws on various disciplines and resources. Engineering is an important key to product design. Product design determines the functions, appearance, cost of production and the ability to plan and… Read more3D Modeling and Virtual Manufacturing of a Machine Component using CATIA V5 and MASTERCAM.

HCCI Engines-Opportunities and Challenges

In today’s world of global warming and increasing pollution, we are in the search of an alternate engine technology which gives the advantages of conventional engines and at the same time have lower harmful exhaust. The destination of this search is HCCI Engines. So I have included a brief comparison of HCCI Engines with conventional engines. I have included the… Read moreHCCI Engines-Opportunities and Challenges

Automated Cantilever Strain Measurements

 When a load is applied at the end of a beam, it creates a moment, shear stress, and strain on the beam.  These factors are critical in designing structures using beams.  Many laboratories conduct research on the relationship between the loads and those factors.  The cantilever’s strain can be measured autonomously using a Parallax Basic Stamp, programmed with PBasic.  The… Read moreAutomated Cantilever Strain Measurements


Title of Thesis: SYMBOL-BASED CONTROL OF A BALL-ON-PLATEMECHANICAL SYSTEMDegree candidate: Phillip YipDegree and year: Master of Science, 2004Thesis directed by: Assistant Professor Dimitrios Hristu-VarsakelisDepartment of Mechanical Engineering 1 Introduction 11.1 Objectives and Contributions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.2 Outline . …. Read moreSYMBOL-BASED CONTROL OF A BALL-ON-PLATE