ppt presentation on Corporate Governance

ppt presentation on Corporate Governance •It is the set of mechanisms used to manage the relationship among stakeholders •It is a way to establish order  between the firm’s owners and top managers whose interest may conflict. •Thus the primary objective is to align the interest of the top management with that of the shareholders. •Good corporate governance can also be… Read moreppt presentation on Corporate Governance

Ppt presentation on Internet era in Value Chain activities

Ppt presentation on Internet era in Value Chain activities from stragetic management book by Strickland and Thomsan Outline: •The Internet: Technology and Participants •How Internet Technology Impacts Company and Industry Value Chains •How the Internet Reshapes the Competitive Environment •Strategic Mistakes Made by Early Internet Entrepreneurs •E-commerce Business Models and Strategies for the Future  

Stragetic Management ppt presentation

All chapter ppt presentation of stragetic management Indian Editions of Cengage Learning PPT PRESENTATION ON STRAGETIC MANAGEMENT (INCLUDING ALL CHAPTERS PPTS) PART I: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT INPUTS1 Strategic management and strategic competitiveness2 The external environment3 The internal organization4 Integrating internal and external resources PART II: REFINING THE STRATEGIC ACTIONS5 Business-level strategy6 Competitive rivalry and competitive dynamics7 Corporate-level strategy8 Strategic acquisition and… Read moreStragetic Management ppt presentation