Modeling the Logistics of FedEx International Express

The FedEx international express network ships 11.5 million pounds of packages per daythrough 15 international hub airports and local airports from which packages are localcollected and distributed. FedEx shipment data and estimation methods based on logistitheory provide for the development of a logistic cost function. To determine the lowest cost operating strategy for FedEx international express, logistic costs are estimated… Read moreModeling the Logistics of FedEx International Express

Report on logistic

Logistics is concerned with getting the products and services where they are needed when they are desired. It is difficult to accomplish any marketing or manufacturing without logistical support. It involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging.   The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical repositioning of raw materials, work in process, and finished… Read moreReport on logistic

Integration Flow Management

Integration Flow Management (IFM): Applying lean principles to complex airport logistics projects Our research has two primary goals. The first one is to investigate to what extent the concepts of lean production are applicable to complex Siemens Airport Logistics (SAL) projects.  With the example of Toyota we know, lean principles are very effective in a manufacturing environment. However, the SAL… Read moreIntegration Flow Management

Ways to improve the performance of a plant

Nowadays many companies are interested to improve their production system. It has become important in globalize and competitive market for the survival. The companies are looking to their production systems in the different direction to get the competitive advantages. But the most important is to find out the problem of the production system to make improvements.In this thesis, a part… Read moreWays to improve the performance of a plant

Report on Inventory Managment- Summer trainning

Report on Inventory Managment- Summer trainning   MEANING OF INVENTORY:-                                                     Inventory is the physical stoke of goods maintained in an organization for its smooth sunning. In accounting language it may mean stock of finished goods only. In a manufacturing concern, it may includes raw materials, work-in-progress and stores etc. In the form of materials or supplies to be consumed in… Read moreReport on Inventory Managment- Summer trainning

Fourth-Party Logistics – A study on modern logistics

Fourth-Party Logistics  – A study on modern logistics   The business environment has changed tremendously in the last two decades. Corporations have been forced to realign their global strategies and in order to cut costs, they started to transfer activities which were previously performed in-house to the market (e.g. IT, manufacturing or logistics) focusing instead on their core competencies. Nowadays companies… Read moreFourth-Party Logistics – A study on modern logistics

Report on Inventory Managment

Performance Appraisal through Inventory Management with reference to Dankuni Coal Complex. LPG or Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization as it is referred in short today have changed the scenario of corporate world and management of enterprises in our country. It has now become more important to not just manage an organization but to achieve corporate excellence simultaneously as the future belongs… Read moreReport on Inventory Managment