Fourth-Party Logistics – A study on modern logistics

Fourth-Party Logistics  – A study on modern logistics   The business environment has changed tremendously in the last two decades. Corporations have been forced to realign their global strategies and in order to cut costs, they started to transfer activities which were previously performed in-house to the market (e.g. IT, manufacturing or logistics) focusing instead on their core competencies. Nowadays companies… Read moreFourth-Party Logistics – A study on modern logistics

Report on Inventory Managment

Performance Appraisal through Inventory Management with reference to Dankuni Coal Complex. LPG or Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization as it is referred in short today have changed the scenario of corporate world and management of enterprises in our country. It has now become more important to not just manage an organization but to achieve corporate excellence simultaneously as the future belongs… Read moreReport on Inventory Managment

Inventory managment – Logistics Management

  “Inventory Management” (Inventory Analysis) Sub: Elements of Logistics Management               Inventory management refers to the process of managing the stocks of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials by a firm. Inventory management, if done properly, can bring down costs and increase the revenue of a firm.             How much one should invest in inventory management? The answer… Read moreInventory managment – Logistics Management

Sample report on Inventory Managment

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM   What is “Inventory Management” Inventory management is the active control program which allows the management of sales, purchases and payments. Inventory management software helps create invoices, purchase orders, receiving lists, payment receipts and can print bar coded labels. An inventory management software system configured to your warehouse, retail or product line will help to create revenue… Read moreSample report on Inventory Managment

project report on Logistic_1

project report on Logistic_1 Logistics is concerned with getting the products and services where they are needed when they are desired. It is difficult to accomplish any marketing or manufacturing without logistical support. It involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging.   The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical repositioning of raw materials, work… Read moreproject report on Logistic_1

A Study of Tea Plantation Operational Aspects in Relation to Operational Workforce

A Study of Tea Plantation Operational Aspects in Relation to Operational Workforce  The  following  is  a  dissertation  by  Niranjan  Wickremasinghe  which  he  submitted  in  January  2008  as  a  project  report  in  partial  fulfillment  of  the  requirements  for  his  Master  of  Business  Administration  degree  from  Sikkim  Manipal  University  in  India.  Niranjan  had  a  brief  tea  planting  career  from  1993  to  1998 … Read moreA Study of Tea Plantation Operational Aspects in Relation to Operational Workforce

Customer Tailored Logistics

 The purpose and main problem of this thesis is to describe the supply chain, in a system with great distances between production and sales units, and explain how to solve logistics problems and increase sales by focusing on the customers’ needs.  Customers in Southeast Asia and Australia are annoyed with the construction equipment industry. Volvo CE is in an unfavourable… Read moreCustomer Tailored Logistics

Investigation of the ways to improvethe performance of a plant

 Investigation of the ways to improvethe performance of a plant   Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Problem discussion 1.3 Presentation of problem 1.4 Problem formulation 1.5 Purpose 1.6 Relevance 1.7 Limitations 1.8 Timeframe 2. Research methodology 2.1 Positivism and Hermeneutics 2.2 Qualitative and Quantitative methods 2.3 Data collection technique 2.4 Induction and deduction 2.5 Research strategies 2.5.1 Experiment 2.5.2… Read moreInvestigation of the ways to improvethe performance of a plant