PGSB Marketing Report

PGSB Marketing Report, This marketing research report  comprises  of various  information which We have  been  collected  from  primary  as  well  secondary  sources. We  have prepared  this market research report on Power Generation Soccer Ball which we are planning to introduce in the market very soon while preparing this report we have been used many data collection method such as survey,… Read morePGSB Marketing Report

A Project Report on Marketing Research on Washing Machine

A PROJECT REPORT ON MARKET RESEARCH OF WASHING MACHINE in ppt “Well begun is half done”, as per this proverb we will like to share the blue print of our project, the summarization is as follows. We started with analyzing the concept of our project which is ‘Washing Machine’ we got some basic ideas about our project.  After analyzing the… Read moreA Project Report on Marketing Research on Washing Machine

AIRTEL advertisements and their impact

To   find out effectiveness   AIRTEL advertisements  & their impact   on   the viewers Mobile penetration is currently exploding in India and Bharti Airtel has been riding the crest of the huge mobile industry wave that has been formed. Vast market opportunities have now opened up the playing field in Indian telecom market and also has made it much more competitive. In… Read moreAIRTEL advertisements and their impact

Report on Mutual Fund

The Indian mutual fund industry came into existence with the establishment of Unit Trust of India in 1964. Unit Trust of India was not efficient enough to expand the mutual fund market. In late 1980’s nationalized bank sponsored mutual funds came into existence which helped mutual fund industry to expand its market.   The private sector mutual fund entered the… Read moreReport on Mutual Fund

New Product Development & Pricing

  New Product Development & Pricing Report is the practical part of the theoretical subject marketing of our BS Accounting & Finance (Hons) Program. The sole objective is to familiarize the students with the practical manipulation of business organization. This report has been written to know about the causes that lead to the launching new Product.   In the first… Read moreNew Product Development & Pricing

NPD on flavored cheese

NPD on flavored cheese (New Product Developement on flavored cheese) It includes: Brief of Marketing Coursework Pick a product. Any product.  Preferably   something simple.  Something that you can carry in your bag. But definitely something that excites you.  That triggers idea in you. This is the most critical part, you know. For this is what you are going to be… Read moreNPD on flavored cheese

SWOT Analysis

.zip file with example of  SWOT Analysis, including 1.Reliance 2.Bharti Airtel 3.Nokia Corporation 4.Maggi   SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are… Read moreSWOT Analysis