Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through Customer Retention: The Roles of Learning and Governance

 Sustainable Competitive Advantage Through Customer Retention: The Roles of Learning and Governance     Customer retention is an important issue for strategy scholars, but one that has received little attention.  While organizational scholars have examined firm survival as a dependent variable in a number of studies, the survival of an inter-firm dyad has been neglected.  We draw from agency theory,… Read moreSustainable Competitive Advantage Through Customer Retention: The Roles of Learning and Governance

Project report on Railway

                           Indian railways, when this name is heard, a small smile can be seen on your face. What was It before few years and what it is now. it is all due to our union minister of railways Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav. Because of his wisdom and management skills railways, which was incurring losses is now a dividend paying company.It was… Read moreProject report on Railway


SR.NO TITLE PAGE NO. 1 Company profile   5 2. Introductory Capsule on the technology   7 3 Introductory to holographic data storage   12 4 Product Innovation   13 5 Feasibility Analysis   16 6 Business Strategy   20 7 Marketing Strategy   22 8 Technology Improvement   24 9 Business Plan   26 10 Distribution Strategy   33… Read moreNew product launch on HOLOGRAPHIC STORAGE DEVICE

Project report on Deshabhimani Daily Newspaper

  Deshabhimani is one of the leading Malayalam dailies in Kerala. It is enjoying a common table circulation compared to other Malayalam dailies in the scenario. As the literacy level in Kerala is high, there is good circulation for all the leading dailies and Deshabhimani has a good positions and status in Kerala. This reflects the consumer interest towards Deshabhimani… Read moreProject report on Deshabhimani Daily Newspaper

Report on Chocolate

o   We tend to think of chocolate as a sweet candy created during modern times. But actually, chocolate dates back to the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica who drank chocolate as a bitter beverage. o   For these people chocolate wasn’t just a favorite food—it also played an important role in their religious and social lives. o   Chocolate lovers all over the… Read moreReport on Chocolate

Report on Camline

Report on Camline Camlin Ltd is one of India’s leading stationery companies with a wide product range and strong pan-India distribution network. Its wide distribution reach and quality products have made it a household name in school and education stationery products. Camlin’s products have been used by over three generations and enjoy strong brand loyalty. It is a market leader… Read moreReport on Camline

Report on Mother diary

                   Mother Dairy is a well known dairy in Gujarat and it is a leading supplier of milk product in Ahmedabad. It was started in the year 1994 because the members of the milk union faced a problem of handling the surplus milk so for that objective Mother Dairy was started.                      Mother Dairy is located on the outskirts… Read moreReport on Mother diary