Kinetic Motors

“Kinetic has become synonymous with pioneering activities, in the Indian automobile industry. Kinetic pioneered the concept of personalized transportation in India, with the launch of Kinetic Luna, in 1972. Since then, the brand Kinetic Luna has become generic with mopeds.”       Kinetic has won several awards on many fronts. Some of these are:  

Women and Gobalization

 Globalization — the growing integration of economies and societies around the world — is a complex process that is variously affecting different regions, countries and areas and their populations. To some, globalization is an inevitable, technologically driven process that is increasing economic and political relations between people of different countries and areas. For them, it is seen not only as… Read moreWomen and Gobalization

Transcational Analysis

ü Transactional analysis, commonly known as TA to its adherents, is a psychoanalytic theory of psychology developed by psychiatrist Eric Berne during the late 1950s. ü Revising Freud’s concept of the human psyche as composed of the Superego, the Ego and the Id, Berne postulated instead three “ego states”, the Parent, Adult and Child states [1], which were largely shaped… Read moreTranscational Analysis

A small report Godrej Company

                    Godrej is pioneer in many products. Established in 1897, the Godrej group has grown in India from the days of the charkha to nights at the call centers.                       Their founder, Ardesir Godrej, lawyer-turned-locksmith, was a persistent inventor and a strong visionary who could see the spark in the future. His inventions, manufactured by his brother Pirojsha Godrej,… Read moreA small report Godrej Company


This document does not pretend to describe all risks inherent in investments in financial instruments. Its objective is rather to give basic information and to warn clients about the risks inherent in all investments in financial instruments. The client should not enter into any investment transaction before being sure that he has fully understood the nature of the transaction and… Read moreGENERAL RISK WARNING CONCERNING FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS

A Study of Homebased Women Workers

This is a general presentation on Invisible Workers, Visible ContributionA Study of Homebased Women Workers in Five Sectorsacross South Asia   Chapter One: Homebased Women Workers in the Coir Industry(with special emphasis on Sri Lanka) 1Chapter Two: Homebased Women Workers in the AgarbattiIndustry in India 9Chapter Three: Homebased Women Workers in Bangladeshwith special reference to the Garment Sector 17Chapter Four:… Read moreA Study of Homebased Women Workers