ppt on Research Methodology

ppt on Research Methodology 1)Relevance & Scope of Research in Management.  2) Steps involved in the Research process  3) Identification to Research Problem  4) Identification & Types of research variables.  5) Research Design.  6) Data collection methodology, primary data – collection method / measurement techniques- Characteristics of measurement techniques -reliability, validity etc. – Secondary Data Collection method – Library Research,… Read moreppt on Research Methodology

ppt presentation on Introduction to Measurement

ppt presentation on Introduction to Measurement At the end of this discussion you should be able to: 1.define measurement and explain its importance in marketing research 2.list and explain the requirements for effective measurement in marketing research 3.list and explain the different types of measurement scales 4.know how to form an index or composite measure 5.list and explain the criteria… Read moreppt presentation on Introduction to Measurement