Ppt presentation and Notes on Capital Structure.

Ppt presentation and Notes on Capital Structure.  CAPITAL STRUCTURE Capitalization refers to the total amount of securities issued by a company while capital structure refers to the kinds of securities and the proportionate amounts that make up capitalization. For raising long term finances, a company can issue three types of securities viz., Equity shares, Preference shares and debentures. A decision… Read morePpt presentation and Notes on Capital Structure.

A Presentationon RBI Policy

A Presentationon RBI POLICY ØEstablished in April 1935 under the RESERVE BANK OF INDIAN ACT ØHead Quarters – MUMBAI (Maharashtra). ØThe Reserve Bank of India is the central banking institution of India and controls the monetary policy of the rupee as well as US$300.21 billion (2010) of currency reserves. ØPresent Governor – D. Subbarao. HISTORY OF RBI ØIt was set… Read moreA Presentationon RBI Policy

Notes on Working Capital

The term working capital is the difference between current assets to current liabilities.  The need for working capital in a corporate needs no explanation.  The working capital is needed for stock of raw materials, work-in-progress, finished goods, book debts and cash balances.  Thus, a part of investment in current assets is generally financed by credit availed from suppliers of services… Read moreNotes on Working Capital

Notes on Dividend Theory

Dividend: The term dividend refers to that part of profits of accompany which is distributed by the company among its shareholders. It is the reward of the shareholders for investments made by them in the shares of the company.  Dividend theories: The Irrelevance Concept of Dividend or the Theory of Irrelevance The Relevance Concept of Dividend or the Theory of… Read moreNotes on Dividend Theory