Top Seven Office Party

The office party during the holidays or any other time of the year is a key professional opportunity to mingle casually with coworkers, impress bosses, and get to know people you don’t see every day. Unfortunately, the office party is also a prime opportunity to ruin your professional reputation, alienate coworkers, and fail to capitalize on networking opportunities. These are… Read moreTop Seven Office Party

How to Make Business Call Tips

Preparing for the Business Call Remember that a business telephone call is comprised of three components: the beginning introduction, the middle bulk of the call, and the end summing up. Say everything that you need to in order to explain your reason for calling. State when you will return the call or request that the other person call you back…. Read moreHow to Make Business Call Tips

The Top Ten Etiquette For The Business Dinner or Interview

Rule # 1 – Start onThe Outside.  On a properly set table you usually see a series of forks on the left side of your plate and spoons and knives on your right. The very simple rule is to always work from the outside in. The cutlery farthest away from your plate is for the first course. Rule # 2… Read moreThe Top Ten Etiquette For The Business Dinner or Interview