MAT sample Paper 2005

MAT sample Paper 2005 for CAT Student practice

1. Please start the test only after the signal to start is given.

2. Use only HB pencils to darken the correct option in the ovals provided in the answer sheet.

3. Fill in your Name, ID & other information in the answer sheet.

4. This booklet contains 30 pages. Immediately after the signal to start is given, please verify the

5. Calculators, cellular phones, pagers, Digital Dairies, Notebook computes and scales are not

6. There are 200 questions in 5 sections in this test paper, which examine various abilities.

7. This test is of 150 minutes. In distributing time between sections, you have to demonstrate
competence in all the sections.

8. Directions for answering questions are given in the test booklet before each set of questions. Read
the directions carefully and answer by darkening the appropriate oval.

9. There is only one correct answer. Each question carries 1 mark. Wrong answers carry 0.25
negative marks.

10. Do your rough work on the test booklet only.

11. Follow the instructions issued by the invigilator. Any violation of instructions will lead to

12. At the end of the test remain seated till the invigilator collects your answer sheet. Leave only after
the invigilator makes an announcement allowing you to leave.

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