Marketing Project on Nirma Consumer Care Limited

Bachelor of business administration is a professional course and includes all the aspects of the organisation. It includes theoretical knowledge along with the practical studies.

 As a part of practical studies after the completion of T.Y.B.B.A., I choose MARKETING as my field of specialization in M.B.A. and select NIRMA CONSUMER CARE LTD for my project work. This research study is assigned by the university to increase the skill, attitude and ability of the student to perform specific jobs in the real world in a more systematic and modern way. Such type of studies helps to widen the horizon of the student and a better grasp of the subject.

 I expect that whosoever read this report would understand it clearly and easily. My experience at NIRMA was absolutely priceless.

This study was carried out with the primary objective to FORMULATE THE STRATEGY TO INCREASE THE SALES OF NIMA PRODUCT.

 This study tried to understand the attribute that drives the retailer to purchase more. It also attempt to give insight into how Nima can develop strategies to establish itself as a market leader in soap segment by considering the result arrived in this study.

 The report contains the brief introduction to current scenario FMCG industry in India. Major findings and recommendations have also been provided.

 To achieve the objective of this research, data was collected with instrument like structured questionnaires and in-depth interviews.

1               Introduction to Nirma consumer care ltd.          5

2               Nirma detergent powder                                          8

3               Products of Nirma                                                       10

4               Introduction of Nirma                                               10

5               Brief description of products of Nima                  11

6               Industry environment                                                14

7               What is sales promotion                                           17

8               Promotional type                                                        20

9               Characteristics of promotion                                  21

10            Business models of Nirma                                        25

11            Objective of study                                                       25

12            Research methodology                                             26

13            Questionnaire designing                                          27

14            Sample size                                                                   27

15            Limitation of study                                                     28

16            Data analysis                                                                29

17            Recommendation                                                       38

18            Bibliography                                                                 41

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