Market size of beer brand with respect to Mohan Mikin & other competitors

Market size of  beer brand with respect  to  Mohan
Mikin & other competitors

Indian Liquor and beer industries share common characteristics arising
form a similar policy framework. Country liquor, Indian made Foreign
Liquor (IMFL)  and beer are state subject, with each state controlling
the  duty structure  and distribution.  Incidence  of  import  and export
duties result in high cost of interstate movements which has resulted in
each state having attributes of a separate market.
This Market research has been done for Mohan Meakin Limited for
studying the  “Market size of  beer brand with respect  to  Mohan
Mikin & other competitors”. For this purpose market of Meerut has
been covered.  For  differentiating the  behavior of consumers in  this
market  a  survey  has  been  conducted  through  questionnaires  and
responses of consumers and retailers have been recorded.The results
may not be in accordance to the actual situation in the market because
of small sample size and the limitation of area, but serious efforts have
been put into get the best results.


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