Logical Reasoning

1. Before going for a party Dr. Dolittle ordered the three musketeers, Tom, Jerry and Donald – to keep watch on

the three gluttonous pets – the cat, the dog and the bear. After the party got over, Dr. Dolittle reached back

home to find that three items viz, milk, meat and honey were missing from the refrigerator. He then asked the

musketeers what happened to the three items. Following were the replies of the three musketeers.

Tom : The cat drank the milk. The dog ate the meat. The bear had the honey.

Jerry : The dog ate the meat. The bear had the honey. The cat did not drink the milk.

Donald : The dog did not have the honey. The bear did not drink the milk.

The cat did not eat the meat.

The statements made by each of the musketeers were alternately true and false but which comes first is uncertain.

1.If each pet ate exactly one of the three items, can you help Dr. Dolittle find who had the honey?

(1) The cat (2) The dog (3) The bear (4) Cannot be determined

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