Load Frequency Control of Multi-Area Power System

As the demand of electrical power is increasing and becoming a global issue, the need of interconnecting power systems is growing up; this growth represents a great challenge for power engineers, challenges in making power systems reliable, economic and safe for both supplier and customer, these challenges are represented in different sections of power systems from protection coordination to economic dispatch of generation through other many technical and economical problems.
An important problem is the Load Frequency Control (LFC) which is directly related to such interconnection in power systems. Other problems related to such interconnection like the Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) have less intersection in operation with LFC. So, in this project, we will mainly display the causes and effects of the (LFC) problem, trying to configure its mechanism and to simulate the system response to such control. 
As the name (Load Frequency Control) indicates, this topic deals with the control of frequency of the system as the load (demand) varies. Since the frequency of the system does affect the whole operation of the system, especially for interconnected power systems of multi-area, and as the main objective of control in power systems is to generate and deliver power as economically and reliably as possible, then it is important to consider the control of the frequency of the system. 


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