How to install and configure a VPN on Mac

How to install and configure a VPN on Mac

What’s a VPN? What does it do? Isn’t it a Windows application? Can I get it on Mac? What are the best VPNs available for Mac? How to install a VPN on Mac?

This article is specially designed to help you understand all that you need to know about VPN and on setting it up on your Mac.

What is ‘VPN’ and why would I need one?

VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’. It’s a software that grants a person the ability to create a secure internet connection.

With a VPN one could easily access geographically-restricted websites and content (right to information!). A VPN also masks one’s browsing activity and thus protects a person from cyber-stalking or the global internet community’s eyes.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) works by encrypting the sending network and receiving network. This occurs by connecting an individual’s system to another system (or server) on the internet, thus using that server’s internet connection. For example, you are in London but you are connected to a server in Singapore; it will appear as if you are in Singapore and are hence using the Singaporean server (while in actuality you are still in London).

Below, some of the more prominent benefits of Virtual Private Network (VPN) are discussed:

  • Privacy while browsing the world wide web!

Some people don’t like leaving a cyber footprint. That’s because cyber footprints can be easily tracked by uninvited, malicious individuals or stalkers. Such stalkers are a growing threat in today’s developing cyber world. They make us subject to hacking and they may steal personal information and pictures thus giving them everything they may need to compromise our status and wellbeing. VPN helps take care of stalkers and hackers by masking our cyber footprint.

  • Undenied access to geographically-restricted movie or series streaming services!

Some organizations intentionally restrict access to their content in some countries. In some countries, video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are restricted. In such cases, VPN helps to access such streaming services and watch media content uninterrupted.

  • Unrestricted and high speed torrenting, i.e. downloading stuff via torrents!

Many countries have placed strict laws against torrenting or at times a particular country may have a very slow service when it comes to downloading via torrents. VPN helps to overcome such a drawback by changing our server address, thereby enabling us to download via torrent, with ease.

What is the best VPN software available on Mac?

No, VPNs are not just a Windows’ thing. In fact, VPNs are available across a wide variety of operating systems (from Linux to Windows and from Android to iOS). And yes, VPNs are most definitely available on Mac! What one needs to look for while selecting a good VPN is:

  • Ease in using
  • Ease in installing
  • Availability of high-speed servers
  • Availability of a lot of servers to choose from
  • Ease in switching between servers in case of sudden server traffic
  • Supporting streaming of media and torrenting
  • Non-logging VPN companies
  • Cost-effective and economical

Click on this: VPN software for Mac to be automatically directed to a list of the best VPN software for Mac; a bird’s eye view of some of the most reliable and best VPNs with their review, cost, rating, pros, cons, and link to purchase them.

How to set up a VPN on Mac?

Generally, macOS does not support most VPN services, unlike Windows. But there exist a few VPN services that do support macOS (see VPN software for Mac).

Follow the below steps carefully to install VPN on your Mac:

  1. Register and purchase a VPN service that supports Mac (VPN software for Mac )
  2. Download the Mac-supported version software
  3. Install the software on your Mac and follow the installing instructions
  4. Click the installed application.
  5. Install your account details and verification details
  6. Go to the VPN application’s options and enable DNS leak protection and kill switch.
  7. Choose a server and click ‘Connect’. Voila! Enjoy your very own Virtual Private Network, on Mac.

Follow these 7 steps and you are all geared up to use VPN, so no more worrying about cyberstalking or not being able to access geographically-restricted content; you have a VPN now. Kudos!

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