Provisions relating to Finance Bill, 2011

The provisions of the Finance Bill, 2011 relating to direct taxes seek to amend the Income-tax Act, 1961, inter alia, in order to,- (i) increase the basic exemption limit in the case of individual taxpayers; (ii) lower the qualifying age of senior citizens from 65 years to 60 years and also to increase the current exemption limit in such cases;… Read moreProvisions relating to Finance Bill, 2011

Important Terms in Capital Market

Important Terms in Capital Market Accounting beta: A related measure of the sensitivity of a firm’s accounting earnings to the changes in the earnings of market portfolio. Adjusted beta: An estimate of a security’s future beta, derived initially from historical data, but modified by the assumption that the security’s true beta has a tendency over time to move toward the… Read moreImportant Terms in Capital Market