Traning and developement and career planning

UNIT – 13  TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT    Organizations and individuals should develop and progress simultaneously for their survival and attainment of mutual goals.  Hence every modern management aims at developing the organization through developing its resources, because the people, of the people and for the people, make organization.  If an organization has to develop, then its employees have to develop. … Read moreTraning and developement and career planning

MCQ Practice Papers for Foundation

MCQ Practice Papers for Foundation (Syllabus 2008): For more details you can visit our forum at We have posted this files in our New ICWAI section too, becasue then it would be easy for you all to find this.All the best Keywords:MCQ Practice Papers for Foundation (Syllabus 2008),Foundation MCQ for ICWAI,ICWAI New syallbus MCQ,Foundation materials,CMA MCQ materials

Introduction to managment

Introduction to managment from the book of principal of managment.Consist of basic introduction to management. A chapter of principal to managment           ESSENTIALS OF MANAGEMENT  UNIT – 1   INTRODUCTION  TO  MANAGEMENT   1.1         Introduction –   In the modern times one of the important human activities is managing.  Although management practice is as old as human civilization, the importance… Read moreIntroduction to managment

Reveiw questions of the Organizations

Back side Reveiw question of the Organizations. It include thequestion given at the back of the module Organization Fundamental institue materials of chapter 1   QUESTIONS FOR REVIEW AND DISCUSSION1. Define the term “organisation’. Explain organisation as a process.2. Explain elaborately various principles of sound organisation.3. Differentiate between formal and informal organisation.4. What do you mean by the term ‘departmentation?5…. Read moreReveiw questions of the Organizations