Computation problems in Custom Duty

Computation problems in Custom Duty  Computation of customs  duty: An importer imported some goods in February 2008 and the goods were cleared from Mumbai port for warehousing on 8th February 2008 after assessment.  Assessable  value  was  Rs.4,86,000  (US  $  10,000  at  the  rate  of  exchange Rs.48.60 per US $). The rate of duty on that date was 25% (assume that… Read moreComputation problems in Custom Duty

Multiple Auidance and Corporate Discolsure

Multiple Auidance and Corporate Discolsure     Department of Accounting and Information Assurance This study contributes to literature in three ways: first, it draws a full picture about the determinants of a firm’s voluntary disclosure decision; second, it aims at tackling the mixed results found about the relation between competition and disclosure; and third, it shows evidence that it is… Read moreMultiple Auidance and Corporate Discolsure

MCQ on Law

MCQ on Law 24. Company will have fundamental rights. a) True                                                                         b) False   25.  XYZ Company shares are totally held by government. The company will be government. a) True       b) False   26. If the company failed to refund application money with in 130 days from the date of issue of prospectus on non­receipt of minimum subscription who will… Read moreMCQ on Law