How To Write A Good Case

A case study is a puzzle that has to be solved. The first thing to
remember about writing a case study is that the case should have a problem
for the readers to solve. The case should have enough information in it that
readers can understand what the problem is and, after thinking about it and
analyzing the information, the readers should be able to come up with a
proposed solution.  Writing an interesting case study is a bit like writing a
detective story. You want to keep your readers very interested in the situation.
A good case is more than just a description. It is information arranged in
such a way that the reader is put in the same position as the case writer was at
the beginning when he or she was faced with a new situation and asked to
figure out what was going on. A description, on the other hand, arranges all the
information, comes to conclusions, tells the reader everything, and the reader
really doesn’t have to work very hard.
When you write a case, here are some hints on how to do it so that your
readers will be challenged, will “experience” the same things you did when you
started your investigation,  and will have enough information to come to some
There are three basic steps in case writing: research, analysis, and the
actual writing. You start with research, but even when you reach the writing
stage you may find you need to go back and research even more information.

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