Free Photoshop: Is it really available these days?

Free Photoshop Is it really available these days

Are you looking for ways of using Photoshop for free? Are you finding it challenging to get hold of a simple way of how to get free photoshop? Regardless of if you want to edit a great meme or need to complete some professional work for your client, photoshop is known to be a complete subscription service.

The old method of making use of a past version of photoshop does not function anymore. So, find out the ultimate way of experiencing free photoshop and see if any old download version of photoshop is a feasible option for us.

Can you get hold of free photoshop?

If you are not a professional, paying a minimum of $10 each month for availing of the full version of it is not justified. There are some version available at a cheaper price and has many pro-level features, however, these options are less.

You may also wish to check out some free software for editing your photos that are available online or check out some best apps for photo editing available for Android or iOS if you like to work on your mobile. But remember that for perfect results, you will need a great monitor for photo editing to work on too.

Download free trial of photoshop

The best way of using photoshop by paying no money is signing up for a free trial and then canceling it before the trial ends. It is usually for seven days. A free trial for seven days is offered by Adobe for the latest version of photoshop that you can begin with whenever you wish to.

1st step: Browse to the website of Adobe and choose a free trial once you get ready to start. You will find three different options for a free trial. Each of them will offer photoshop with a free trial of seven days.

However, they come with different prices and benefits apart from photoshop access. So select the one that will be best fitting your requirements and be alert about the prices as you have to pay that if you forget to cancel the subscription before your free trial is over. After you are ready to select a suitable plan, choose its corresponding button of start free trial.

2nd step: Then in the checkout screen you need to enter your email. New users have to create an account with their email and a password. Once you complete these steps, automatically the download will start. If you have enough storage space for your app or related hardware then the download will work with Windows 10 and macOS.

3rd step:  In the download folder of your browser fin the file named photoshop_installer.dmg. Open it. Adobe will be downloading the program and an app on your system as it allows the company in tempting you with several other apps of Adobe other than photoshop. You have to answer few questions then sign in with your Adobe account or new members have to create a membership which you need to pay for once the trial ends.

4th step: You will be able to make use of photoshop free for seven days after downloading the free trial. Ensure to cancel your free trial and remove the account before the trial is over in order to stop paying for it.

It is very difficult to get another free trial of photoshop once you are done with the first one. This is because Adobe tracks and records all downloads on your system. You can try and remove photoshop from your system or make use of another system and create a new account for signing in. Such methods might be giving you a chance for another trial. However, it is vital to note that it will not be always favorable for you.


At first Photoshop CS2 was given free to all users who have used an older paid photoshop version. It worked well for people who were looking out for free photoshop apps with features like CS2but did not wish to spend money for any plan or download the upgraded versions.

But CS2 is no more functional for most users due to many new rollouts along with changes incompatibility. But if you search a lot, you may come across CS2 downloads on other sites. But downloading it from any other source is not recommended. There are high chances that it would not correctly work and will result in serious problems for your OS or attack the system with viruses or dangerous threats.

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