eBilling and Invoice System

The client uses MS Excel, and maintains their product list, customer list, and prints the invoice, however it is not possible them to share the data from multiple system in multi user environment, there is lot of duplicate work, and chance of mistake. When the product price are changed they need to update each and every excel file. There is no option to find and print previous saved invoice. There is no security; any body can access any report and sensitive data, also no reports to find out the sales volume, stock list, and summary report. This eBilling and invoicing system is used to overcome the entire problem which they are facing currently, and making complete atomization of manual billing and invoicing system.

Project Scope
From an end-user perspective, the eBilling and Invoicing Project consists of two functional elements: an enhanced searchable database for customer, products, billing generation system and a report generation system.
Customer, Products, Billing Generation
An enhanced atomized system is developed to maintain Customer, Product, order, order details data and produce Bill and invoice with following features.

  • The system operator will be able to Add, Edit and search the product. Also the operator can delete the product; update the cost of the product as per the rights given to the operator by the administrator.

  • By using their own account, sales staff will be able to place orders through the system. In addition, sales staff will be able to apply discounts in accord with the current sales policy.

  • Improved search capabilities of product information will be available; It will display all the details of the particular product with current stock quantity.

  • Prices and order information will be expressible in international currency and date/time formats.

  • After placing the order system automatically print the invoice with pre printed stationary with all the details.

  • Searching of previously generated invoice is also available; Operator can search the previously saved invoice by system generated unique invoice no.

  • Importing the old stock into the system, it imports the old stock from predefined MS Excel file.

  • Maintain the user master and security features.

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