Data Interpretation Funda

Data Interpretation Funda for the CAT students




When 2 quantities are sold as a group together .
Here r some more fundas, with examples.

Example- A horse and a carriage were bought for Rs. 12000. the carriage was sold at a loss of 10% , horse was sold at a profit of 20%. Together I received Rs.13500. what is the C.P. and S.P. of each.

Method-Assume everything to be a horse, so I shud have sold everything at 20% profit.20% of 12000+12000= 14400.But I received Rs. 13500 only that makes a difference of 900 or Rs. 900 are less. This also makes a difference of 30% coz we calculated 40% profit (20+20%), but we had [+20%+(-10%)]=10%
I calculated 30% more on carriage.
30% or carriage=900
therefore 100%=3000
so now we have the individual cost of the horse, the carriage is for 9000/-and the S.P. can b calculated now.

We have similar questions in many forms which can b done by applying the above concept



Sample Question. 5 kg of rice and 2 kg of tea cost Rs/- 35, prices of rice grew by 10% and tea by 35% and together I could purchase it for Rs.420. What is the price of tea.
(in these type of questions, whatever is asked take reverse of that, here tea is asked so work on rice.)

350+10% of 350=385
There is a difference of 25%(35%-10%)
This is Rs. 35
25% corresponds to Rs. 35
therefore 100%=140
2 Kg=Rs 140. so 1kg =70





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