Microcontroller based on Automatic Railway Gate control

The objective of  this paper is to provide an automatic railway gate at a levelcrossing replacing the gates operated by the gatekeeper. It deals with two things. Firstly, it deals with the reduction of time for which the gate is being kept closed. And secondly, to provide safety to the road users by reducing the accidents.    By the presently… Read moreMicrocontroller based on Automatic Railway Gate control

Report on Fiber optic Sensor

Ø  A sensor generally consists of one or more transducers (materials or devices that convert energy from one form to another) to encode information contained in a physical signal as an electrical signal. Ø  Electrical and electronic devices and systems are used to process the information encoded in the signal either directly (analog systems) or by abstracting the information from… Read moreReport on Fiber optic Sensor

Biometric Authentication Systems

  This paper provides a broad overview of the subject of biometrics mentioning about the different types of methods, how they are used, how their performance is measured and how beneficial can they prove to be. A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system, which makes a personal identification by determining the authenticity of a specific physiological or behavioral… Read moreBiometric Authentication Systems

adaptive control system

In an ideal scenario of intelligent machine tools the human mechanist                was almost replaced by the controller. During the last decade many efforts have been made to get closer to this ideal scenario, but the way of information processing within the CNC did not change too much. The paper summarizes the requirements of an intelligent CNC evaluating the advancement of… Read moreadaptive control system

Global Positioning System 1

Global Positioning System,GPS project report including ppt of GPS 1.      INTRODUCTION 2.      HISTORY OF GPS 3.      WHAT IS GPS? 4.      TYPES OF SEGMENTS 5.      VARIOUS TYPES OF GPS 6.      POSITION BY THE GPS 7.      COMPUTATION OF TIME AND VELOCITY IN GPS 8.      COMPUTATION OF THE GEODETIC DATUM AND                                          COORDINAT SYSTEMS 9.      FACTORS AFFECTING THE EFFICIENCY OF GPS 10.                                                                                                                                                                                         ACCURACY OF… Read moreGlobal Positioning System 1

Code And Time Synchronization of the Cell Search Algorithms for W-CDMA Systems

In this paper, an improved Cell Search Design (Improved CSD) using cyclic codes is compared with the 3GPP Cell Search Design using comma free codes (3GPP-comma free CSD) in terms of acquisition time for different probabilities of false alarm rates. Our results indicate that for a channel whose signal-to-noise ratio is degraded with additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN), the Improved… Read moreCode And Time Synchronization of the Cell Search Algorithms for W-CDMA Systems

Security System Based On Stepper Motor Control Using Micro Controller

SECURITY SYSTEM BASED ON STEPPER MOTOR CONTROL USING MICRO CONTROLLER   There are different types of security models in the present day world. A prototype of security model is considered in which stepper motor is controlled using micro controller. Stepper motor is only considered because of its advantages such as precise positioning and accurate placement. These can be controlled by… Read moreSecurity System Based On Stepper Motor Control Using Micro Controller

Report on Library Mnagement System

  CONTENTS       1              Introduction To Project Ø Project Definition Ø Need of the System Ø Software Progress Model Ø Linear Sequential Model   2              System Analysis Ø Feasibility Study Ø Information Gathering Source   3     H/W and S/W requirement Ø H/W requirement Ø S/W requirement   4     Data Flow Diagrams   5.           Entity Relationship Diagram   6.          … Read moreReport on Library Mnagement System