Wireless Transmission of Electricity Seminar

Abstract – In the present paper the various technologies available so far for wireless transmission of electricity and the need for a Wireless System of Energy Transmission is being discussed to find its possibility in actual practices, their advantages, disadvantages and economical consideration. This paper is mainly concentrated on : i) The most popular concept known as Tesla Theory, ii)… Read moreWireless Transmission of Electricity Seminar

A Research Paper on Nanotechnology

Abstract: The concept of nanotechnology is associated with the manipulation of matter at the scale of atoms and molecules.   The potential medical applications of nanotechnology are significant, with human-engineered devices interacting with biological processes in sophisticated ways.  An example of such an application would be the creation of a “smart drug,” a nano-scale device designed to perform a particular medical… Read moreA Research Paper on Nanotechnology

Manpower SCM model for Indian Rural Development

In India, 70 to 80% of population lives in rural areas. Hence, Social and Personal growth of people need constant attention. They will be delighted if opportunity is provided to them to work abroad. To make people happy, attention towards human resources cannot be neglected.   Some time in 1970 unskilled labors started migrating towards gulf countries mainly from southern… Read moreManpower SCM model for Indian Rural Development