Embedded System (ppt)

ppt on Embedded System   Embedded System is combination of hardware and software that forms the component of larger system. Hardware is normally unique to given application. Computer chips are embedded into control electronics to manage the product’s functionality. The embedded system can be categories into four categories viz.; stand alone system, real-time system, network appliance system and mobile devices…. Read moreEmbedded System (ppt)

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

MEMS ,or Micro Electro Mechanical Systems are integrated systemscombining both electro and mechanical components.MEMS are micron sized machines that can be used as mechanical,electrical or chemical transducers.Many different fields such as the automotive and medical industries utilize MEMS because of  four advantages:    Easier to mass produse    Lower cost of production    Easier to make part alternations    Higher… Read moreMicro Electro Mechanical Systems

Report on Blue Ray Disc

Report on Blue Ray Disc                     Blu-ray, also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD) is the name of a next-generation optical disc format jointly developed by thirteen leading consumer electronics and pc companies (Dell, Hitachi, HP, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Sharp, TDK and Thomson).                     CD and DVD format was developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition… Read moreReport on Blue Ray Disc


NANO TECHNOLOGY SWITCHING APPLICATIONS SEMINAR ABSTRACT: Nanotechnology is a key for innovation in biology and material science. New motors move material samples or instruments with a step size of the atom diameter.TinyGrippers and other tools work precisely on micro and nanostructures. The world of the small things is formed which has revolutionized the world. Nanotechnology offers tools for applications in… Read moreNANO TECHNOLOGY SWITCHING APPLICATIONS SEMINAR

Issues in Data warehouse

 This paper introduces to some of the important issues concerned with Data warehousing. With the advent of new technologies for data management, data warehousing strategies go on changing. This paper describes data warehouses, criteria related to it and key issues in data warehouse with case studies of different databases.   Data Warehouses are mostly populated with periodic migrations of data… Read moreIssues in Data warehouse

plasma Television

      1.                  INTRODUCTION                                                                       3                                                                                                           2.                  HISTORY                                                                                                4                                                                                         3.                  CONSTRUCTION                                                                       5                                                                                         4.                  WORKING                                                                                  6     5.                  ADVANTAGES                                                                          10                                                                                       6.                  DRAWBACK                                                                              12                                                                                                                                                                                                                          7.                  LETEST IVOLUTION                                                                12                                                                                                                                 … Read moreplasma Television

Report on Library Mnagement System

  CONTENTS       1              Introduction To Project Ø Project Definition Ø Need of the System Ø Software Progress Model Ø Linear Sequential Model   2              System Analysis Ø Feasibility Study Ø Information Gathering Source   3     H/W and S/W requirement Ø H/W requirement Ø S/W requirement   4     Data Flow Diagrams   5.           Entity Relationship Diagram   6.          … Read moreReport on Library Mnagement System


  In the high computerized society the world has nowadays, it is impossible don’t use the computer to spread, research and explain the principal resource used for these Goals are the multimedia.   Multimedia has many different means for different people. For someone, multimedia means that a computer has CD-ROM. To others, multimedia is the use of combination of many… Read moreMultimedia

RFID Systems and Security and Privacy Implications

RFID Systems and Security and PrivacyImplications Abstract. The Auto-ID Center is developing low-cost radio frequency identification (RFID) based systems with the initial application as next generation bar-codes. We describe RFID technology, summarize our approach and our research, and most importantly, describe the research opportunities in RFID for experts in cryptography and information security. The common theme in low-cost RFID systems… Read moreRFID Systems and Security and Privacy Implications