Report on Wireless Network Security

Wireless technologies, in the simplest sense, enable one or more devices to communicate without physical connections—without requiring network or peripheral cabling. Risks are inherent, however, in any wireless technology. Some of these risks are similar to those of wired networks. Perhaps the most significant difference from wired networks and the main source of these risks is that with wireless networks… Read moreReport on Wireless Network Security

What is Diesel Engine ?

Diesel Engine, type of internal-combustion engine in which heat caused by air compression ignites the fuel. At the instant fuel is injected into a diesel engine’s combustion chambers, the air inside is hot enough to ignite the fuel on contact. Diesel engines, therefore, do not need spark plugs, which are required to ignite the air-fuel mixture in gasoline engines. Diesel… Read moreWhat is Diesel Engine ?

Agile Manufacturing Strategy

Agile Manufacturing Strategy Abstract: Agility has been widely accepted in manufacturing industry as a new competitive concept. This paper proposes a framework for the implementation of agility as a manufacturing strategy and describes the development and analysis of a numerical taxonomy of agility strategies using the framework .Three distinct clusters of strategy groups were observed across the industry studied: Quick,… Read moreAgile Manufacturing Strategy

N1 Architecture For Smart Computing

N1 Architecture For Smart Computing   For more than 40 years, computing has been instrumental in managing the growing complexity of business processes. And in those four decades, computing itself has had to create tools for dealing with its own increasing sophistication. In 1960, programmers wrote applications using languages that were reflections of the fundamental instructions used by the computer… Read moreN1 Architecture For Smart Computing

DNA of computer

               DNA Computer can store billions of times more information then your PC hard drive and solve complex problems in a less time.We know that computer chip manufacturers are racing to make the next microprocessor that will more faster. Microprocessors made of silicon will eventually reach their limits of speed and miniaturization. Chips makers need a new material to produce… Read moreDNA of computer

Optimal Voltage Regulator Placement In A Radial Distribution System Using Fuzzy Logic

Optimal Voltage Regulator Placement In A Radial Distribution System Using Fuzzy Logic    The operation and planning studies of a distribution system require a steady state condition of the system for various load demands. Our aim is to obtain optimal voltage control with voltage regulators and then to decrease the total cost of voltage regulators and losses, to obtain the… Read moreOptimal Voltage Regulator Placement In A Radial Distribution System Using Fuzzy Logic

An Implementation of the EZW Algorithm.

Embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm is an image compression algorithm. In order to reduce data volume, image compression algorithms need to be considered. This is due to the fact that compression algorithms have considerable influence on the volume of data. A possible solution would be to use a lossy compression algorithm, which reduces the amount of data required, to compress the… Read moreAn Implementation of the EZW Algorithm.

Dynamic Routing in a Mesh Network

This paper, show how to optimize the routing decision in a non-deterministic routing called convergence routing in which routes may change depending on the traffic conditions. The routing algorithm guarantees a loss-free delivery of packets from burst sources, and a deterministic bound on the route length in arbitrary topology networks.   The routing decisions are based on assigning routing priorities… Read moreDynamic Routing in a Mesh Network