Paper presentation on Communication

The subject of communications really begins with the situation shown in Figure1. Here is an entity called the Source and one called the User- located remotely from the Source. The Source generates Information and the User desires to learn what this Information is.     Fig.1   SITUATION FOR COMMUNICATION                 The question then arises as to how to send… Read morePaper presentation on Communication

Use of Geographical Information System in Agriculture

India has a large population and economy of India mostly depends on Agriculture. Our country should take advantage of new technologies like Geographical Information System (G.I.S.), Global Positioning System (G.P.S.) and Remote Sensing to improve agricultural production, crop distribution, crop-condition, disasters and yield estimation, quality and quantity of resources and their changes.   A geographic information system (GIS) is a… Read moreUse of Geographical Information System in Agriculture

Amazing Power of Voice Over IP

Over the last few years e-mail has become a powerful tool for expediting and enhancing business communications. Yet few would debate that it is voice conversations that build strong business relationships. Employees still depend on the ability to pick up a telephone and speak with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners on matters large and small. When it comes to subtle… Read moreAmazing Power of Voice Over IP

Computer: A Best Instrument for Time Managers

Computer: A Best Instrument for Time Managers In Government Departments and public sector organizations, there are good number of officers and employees, who work on 4/8 rule [i.e. work for 4 hours for a pay of 8 hours day]. Lot of cost wastage can be reduced by time planners and review programme used on PC.   Cost of time lost… Read moreComputer: A Best Instrument for Time Managers

Introduction to SONET

Introduction to SONET CONTENT     (1)   Introduction to SONET   (2)   Basic SONET signal   (3)   Why Synchronize?   (4)   Frame Format Structure of SONET   (5)   Payload Pointer    (6)   SONET Multiplexing   (7)   SONET Network Elements   (8)   SONET Network Configurations   (9)   What Are the Benefits of SONET ?   (10) SDH Reference             (11)… Read moreIntroduction to SONET

report on Wi-fi

Inexpensive broadband wireless networks that can keep you connected while you move about the office or home are getting better all the time Far from what tradition might indicate, the wireless Internet isn’t turning out to be one of those tech breakthroughs that arrives accompanied by a Microsoft-size marketing campaign and eight-foot-high displays in consumer-electronics stores. Instead, it’s a grassroots… Read morereport on Wi-fi

National conference on Emerging Technology and Application

‘Knowledge is Strength’ this is the mantra of Indian Vedantic literature. This is very old concept. In mid period the new concept was developed that wealth is strength. But the liberalization of the economy and changed environment of the   business again focus on the old concept and known as ‘knowledge economy’. Because of the ignorance of its is not bearable… Read moreNational conference on Emerging Technology and Application

Report on Firewall and Data Security

A number of the security problems with the internet can be remedial with less serious through the use of existing and well-known techniques and controls for host security. A firewall can be significantly improve the level of the site securing while at the same time performing access to vital internet services. A computer firewall may be a hardware device or… Read moreReport on Firewall and Data Security

Issues in Data warehouse

 This paper introduces to some of the important issues concerned with Data warehousing. With the advent of new technologies for data management, data warehousing strategies go on changing. This paper describes data warehouses, criteria related to it and key issues in data warehouse with case studies of different databases.   Data Warehouses are mostly populated with periodic migrations of data… Read moreIssues in Data warehouse