Report on Mobile Computing

Table of Contents     1.History of GSM 2. Services provided by GSM 3.Architecture of the GSM network ·        Mobile Station ·        Base Station Subsystem ·        Network Subsystem 4. Radio link aspects ·        Multiple access and channel structure -Traffic channels -Control channels -Burst structure ·        Speech Coding ·        Channel coding & modulation ·        Multipath equalilzation ·        Frequency hopping ·        Discontinuous… Read moreReport on Mobile Computing

Project report on Data Warehousing and Data Minning

INTRODUCTION : ·                      DATA MINING ·                      DATA WAREHOUSING ABOUT ·                                     Design issues for Data Warehousing ·                                     Analysis process of Data warehousing Standard reports and Quarries Tool to be used against the Data Warehousing ·                                     Data Conversion Process ·                                    Process of Data Warehouse o   Practical Best Practices for Data Warehousing ·                                     Application of Data Warehouse

Web Based Claims Processing System

Web Based Claims Processing System (WCPS) developed in ASP.Net (C#) so that the employee can fill the form online and submit it so that the form is sent to Claim Processing Department (CPD) through Internet. At CPD, the form needs to be checked automatically by a program which will compute the amount that needs to be reimbursed to the employee… Read moreWeb Based Claims Processing System

A Research Paper on Studying and reforming the principal for Liability and Computer Security

The conventional wisdom is that security priorities should be set by risk analysis. However, reality is subtly different: many computer security systems are at least as much about shedding liability as about minimizing risk. Banks use computer security mechanisms to transfer liability to their customers; companies use them to transfer liability to their insurers, or (via the public prosecutor) to… Read moreA Research Paper on Studying and reforming the principal for Liability and Computer Security

Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication The Wireless Technologies Today, mobile access is becoming increasingly important in the business world. Many daily business transactions are completed by handheld devices already. Wireless technology is based on the IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers). 802.11 standard, which is one of the many standards of the IEEE 802 LAN/WAN standards (Embrey, 2002). 802.11 used to be… Read moreWireless Communication

Project report on Net4Nuts

Project report on Net4Nuts compnay by MSC(it) students of KS School of business management Name : NET4NUTS Ltd. Address : 1008, ATLANTA TOWER, Opp. IIM Collage, Gulbai Tekra,  Ahmedabad – 380006 Contact : 91 (79) 26403222           Email ID : [email protected]                 IndexNo.                    Topic Pg No.    1.       Company Profile   … Read moreProject report on Net4Nuts

Report on Embedded System

 Imagine you control all the systems around just by a simple gesture and the things respond to you as if it was some magic. This could be possible with embedded system. An embedded system can be consisting of processors, associated peripherals, and software used for specific purpose. All manufacturing organizations, and sectors like telecommunications, banking, health care, avionics, automobile, food… Read moreReport on Embedded System

Project Report on E-Security

E-security   Many small businesses think they can practice with the approach. Doing so would be like leaving security by obscurity without understanding the risks involved the front door of your house open all time. Except the risks have broader implications to the entire business supply chain. If you don’t have the security in place to prevent someone posing as… Read moreProject Report on E-Security

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

MEMS ,or Micro Electro Mechanical Systems are integrated systemscombining both electro and mechanical components.MEMS are micron sized machines that can be used as mechanical,electrical or chemical transducers.Many different fields such as the automotive and medical industries utilize MEMS because of  four advantages:    Easier to mass produse    Lower cost of production    Easier to make part alternations    Higher… Read moreMicro Electro Mechanical Systems