The project gives a revolutionary twirl in the terms of computer and web technology. The application allows you to use your bank login account and make use of various functionalities available with. The project has been deployed in a range of technologies platform as to gain maximum outcome of all according to the user’s requirement. Going precisely, the application is… Read moreCORE BANKING in JSP/JAVA

Agile Manufacturing Strategy

Agile Manufacturing Strategy Abstract: Agility has been widely accepted in manufacturing industry as a new competitive concept. This paper proposes a framework for the implementation of agility as a manufacturing strategy and describes the development and analysis of a numerical taxonomy of agility strategies using the framework .Three distinct clusters of strategy groups were observed across the industry studied: Quick,… Read moreAgile Manufacturing Strategy

advanced payroll system project

PROJECT BACKGROUND 1.1 Definition of Problem In XP, the user story serves the purpose of the problem statement and the specifications. The user story provided by the client was as follows: “You are to design and implement a payroll system that should accept employee hours worked, compute net pay and record all the payroll data for subsequent processing. The system… Read moreadvanced payroll system project