What is Diesel Engine ?

Diesel Engine, type of internal-combustion engine in which heat caused by air compression ignites the fuel. At the instant fuel is injected into a diesel engine’s combustion chambers, the air inside is hot enough to ignite the fuel on contact. Diesel engines, therefore, do not need spark plugs, which are required to ignite the air-fuel mixture in gasoline engines. Diesel… Read moreWhat is Diesel Engine ?

N1 Architecture For Smart Computing

N1 Architecture For Smart Computing   For more than 40 years, computing has been instrumental in managing the growing complexity of business processes. And in those four decades, computing itself has had to create tools for dealing with its own increasing sophistication. In 1960, programmers wrote applications using languages that were reflections of the fundamental instructions used by the computer… Read moreN1 Architecture For Smart Computing

DNA of computer

               DNA Computer can store billions of times more information then your PC hard drive and solve complex problems in a less time.We know that computer chip manufacturers are racing to make the next microprocessor that will more faster. Microprocessors made of silicon will eventually reach their limits of speed and miniaturization. Chips makers need a new material to produce… Read moreDNA of computer

Artificial Students Record System in C

Artificial Students Record System Final Year Project Title: Artificial Students Record System Description: To save record and let user to view his/her detail(grade, gpax. ABSTRACT Project Title: Student Records System Design Category: Application Development, Enterprise. Objective: The future of the student information system has to be seen as one of continuous change, where the information that is stored is of… Read moreArtificial Students Record System in C


HERBAL INFORMATICS-TO CONTROL AND CURE DEGENERATIVE DISEASES Plant kingdom is a supreme gift evern given by god to the mankind because of its autotrophic nature. Almost all living other than plants depends directly or indirectly On these green plants whether it may be in form of tree,hers or shrubs without which existence of any living form of life is not… Read moreHERBAL INFORMATICS-TO CONTROL AND CURE DEGENERATIVE DISEASES