Digitals signals are different than analog signals in that digital signals have two discrete states. These states are either “off” or “on”.   The primary objective of data transmission is the transfer of information from one location to another. In contrast to the analog signal that has an infinite number of voltage levels, the digital signal information is “binary” or… Read moreA SEMINAR ON DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING

Multimedia Rich Virtual Classroom Environment Development

Virtual environment is a computer simulated environment not a physical environment but giving a feel of physical like environment. There is considerable development for computer supported learning by way of computer based teaching (CBT) and web based teaching (WBT) and its extension to computer based learning (CBL) and web based learning (WBL). This is supportive e-learning infrastructure. One has to… Read moreMultimedia Rich Virtual Classroom Environment Development


                                The microprocessor is also called a CPU (Central Processing Unit, This terms are used interchangeably in day to day life). It is the heart of your computer and it’s here the most part of the calculations and processing of data takes place. The microprocessor is attached to the motherboard. The speed of the microprocessor is measured in frequency.  … Read moreMicroprocessors

A Research Paper on M-Commerce Security

  This paper represents all about wireless technology and its security. Specifically on M – Commerce point of view. The paper contains the difference between E – Commerce and M – Commerce.  The paper also focuses on the Wireless Communication Standards and  its security related issues. And the whole area is covered under the technology WTLS i.e. Wireless Transport Layer… Read moreA Research Paper on M-Commerce Security

Speech Recognition

Speech is the most natural and common way of communication between people. It would seem only natural that computer development would eventually progress to the point where people would want to extend the human-computer interface to include speech. Once this happened, numerous techniques were explored. In our paper a light is shed on the contemporary field of speech recognition.  … Read moreSpeech Recognition

Linux – A powerful operating system for mobile computing

Linux – A powerful operating system for mobile computing     Effectiveness of Linux as an operating system centered around optimally utilizing the resources of a mobile computing device, owing to features like modular, flexible open-source kernel, security, stability, scalability, availability of thousands of free software, power-saving capabilities, very low total cost of ownership.