Body Language

WATCH WHAT YOU DON’T SAY   In recent years, there has been a dispute surrounding the veracity of some studies that suggest that fifty-five percent of our communication is visual, thirty-eight percent of it is how we say what we say, and seven percent the words only. However, if you take into consideration everything connected to a person visually, as… Read moreBody Language

Eye Contact

EYE CONTACT IS GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR AUDIENCE Eye contact is good for the audience! For everyone accustomed to getting information by television, eye contact is a key connection between people. The newscasters and talk show hosts read information as they look through tele-prompters to a camera. As we watch the set, they appear to be talking directly to… Read moreEye Contact

Group Discussion and Group Task

GROUP DISCUSSION AND GROUP TASK  “The person who never takes a risk, never succeeds.”  Group are important at the psychological level to understand the candidates’ actions, thoughts and emotions without taking into consideration the group they belong to and the groups that surrounds them. The groups are important at sociological level. Societal forces, such as traditions, values, and norms, don’t… Read moreGroup Discussion and Group Task

How to tie a TIE

How to wear a tie Can you tie a tie? Don’t think it is easy. If you don’t do it right, it can really tie you up in knots! Here are some knots for you to learn and add to your knowledge. In case you are just starting out, master one knot first before you attempt the others.