Chemistry Sample paper 4

Sample Paper – 2008

Class – XII

 Subject – Chemistry



1.Why is glass considered a super cooled liquid liquid?


.2.In a process adsorbate and adsorbent are held by strong force like a chemicalbond.Name the type of adsorption?


3.Why NH3 has higher boiling point than PH3 ?


4.Name the oxometal anion of the first series of the transition metal in which the metal exhibit same oxidation state equal to the group number?


5.Write IUPAC name of CH3 CH(Cl)CH(Br)CH3


6.Why CH3CHO is more reactive than CH3 CHO towards nucleophilic addition reaction?


7.Is –[CH2 -CH (C6 H 5) -]n a homopolymer or a copolymer?


8.Why do we require artificial sweeting agent?


9.N2 is bubbled through water at 293K .How many milli moles of N2 would dissolve in 1 lt of water.Assume that N2 exerts a partial pressure of .987 bar.Given that Henry’s law constant for N2 is 76.48 bar.




18 gm glucose is dissolved in 1Kg of water .At what temperature will water boil at 1.013 bar. Kb for water is .52 KKg / mole.


10.The conversion of molecules X to Y follows second order kinetics.If concentration of X is increased to three times how will it affect the rate of formation of Y.?

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