5101520 In     1992,     Max     and    Terry     Dalman     inherited     a     farm     in     Canada,     located     on     the     outskirts     of     a     town    called Guelph.  At the time the farm made an income insufficient for both of them.  Max worked as a human resource manager in Ontario and his younger brother Terry had just returned from an extended period of travelling.  For many months… Read moreBUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY on ORGANIX


AbstractViewing a crisis as a terrible thing to waste, this mid-sized manufacturer turned its response to a crisis into an opportunity to enhance its enterprise risk management (ERM) practices for value creation. The ChallengeOver the past 20 years, this mid-sized U.S.-based manufacturer had grown from a small domestic company into a complex global organization. Its approach to risk management was… Read moreENTERPRISE RISK MANAGEMENT

Case Study on Indian Railway

Monopoly of Indian Railways IIM Case Study Lalu achieved the feat by taking simple steps like competitive passenger fares and reducing the wagons’ turnaround time from seven to five days. He also raised the carrying capacity of goods trains from 3,200 tonnes to 4,000 tonnes, which led to higher freight earnings. “This is just the start. We will soon have… Read moreCase Study on Indian Railway

Case Study on The importance of effective management

1. Set out a table showing the benefits of well trainedand qualified managers to:i.  the UK economyii. businessesiii. individual employees.2. What is the relationship between management andleadership?  Why do effective managers also need tohave leadership skills? 3. What type of management style would you use:a) with a team of employees who are keen tointroduce changes in working practice and whoenjoy… Read moreCase Study on The importance of effective management

Case Study on Quality Circle

Quality Circle of Middlesex County College, Central Piedmont Community College, Lakeshore Technical Institute (LTI)   A quality circle consists of a small group of people who perform the same jobs or tasks. This group meets voluntarily, on a regular basis, to discuss problems, seek solutions, and cooperate with management in the implementation of those solutions. Quality circles operate on the… Read moreCase Study on Quality Circle