How to Prepare for the Campus Placement Interview?

How to Prepare for the Campus Placement Interview

Are you going to attend the Campus Placement next week? If Yes, then this article is for you. Here, in this article, I will share the tips for preparing for Campus Interview. But, before starting with the tips, let me introduce myself first

My Name is Kaustubh Patel. I am a Qualified Cost and Management Accountant and Master in Business Administration. In the year 2014, I got selected in Campus Placement organized by Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Below, I will share tips based on my personal experience and lesson learned at the CMA Campus Placement at Mumbai.

Assuming you are a fresher and planning to attend the next campus interview, let’s start discussing the top interview tips below.

Technical Questions

Companies coming to campus are aware of the fact that you are recently passed out and completely fresher. Hence, they will not ask you any questions regarding your working style and experience in the previous organization.

Remember, 90% of the questions will be straightforward from your syllabus. Their expectation is very clear. You are a recently passed student, so you should know technical questions well.

So, please don’t overthink about how to prepare for the Campus Interview? Just go and revise your entire syllabus thoroughly once again. The Interview questions will be from your syllabus only.

Communication Skills

Before going to Campus Placement, ask a question to yourself. What is your USP ( Unique Selling Proposition)? How you are different from others?

In Campus Placement, all the students are recently passed out. Hence, they are as good as you are in the technical questions. Now, if a company wants to hire you then you should have something unique in you.

Don’t Worry, here by the term unique we mean your Communication Skills and Body Language. If you are confident and good in communication skills then you have a greater chance of getting selected. Let us understand this with a real example.

During my Campus Interview, there were 200 students. Some of them were All India Rankers also. Now, in the first round of Written exam, almost all of them got qualified. Do you know Why?

Because they are recently qualified students. They know how to clear the written exam. Next, when it comes to Group Discussion and Personal Interview, most of them got eliminated. This is because they don’t know how to speak properly.

Trust me, if over and above technical knowledge you are good in communication skills then there are the chances that you will get selected in the campus interview.

Communication SKills
Communication SKills

Confused? Let me explain.

Suppose there are total10 students who went for the campus interview. All of them are equally good in the technical expertise. Now, if a company wants to select any one of them, then to whom they will select? Of course, the one who is good in communication skills. Right? This is why the communication skills are very important.

Wear Formal Attire

Being Fresher does not mean you can wear anything during the interview. Wear proper formal clothes for the interview. Here, it is very important to note that by formal does not mean Suit and Blazer. It is not compulsory to wear any Suit and Blazer unless it is defined by a dress code in advance.

Further, also ensure that your hairs are properly combed and shoes are properly polished before going to the campus interview.

Salary Negotiation

Since this is your first job, do not negotiate for the salary. For a fresher, salary negotiation is not a good option. Politely say ‘No’, if you don’t like the Salary, but do not negotiate with them.

Salary Negotiation
Salary Negotiation

HR Round

After Technical Round there is always an HR Round before getting selected for the Job. Please do not take this round easily. I have seen people who cleared their technical round but got rejected in the HR round.

I suggest, to prepare well for this round also. List of HR questions is already available online. Refer those questions once before going for the interview.

The HR round is as important as the Technical round.

Campus Placement Interview
Campus Placement Interview

That’s it. Ensure you considered above points before going for the campus placements. These will increase your chance of getting selected.

Over to You

What do you think about this article? Do not forget to share your feedback in below comment box. Further, if you are looking for some guidance or tips then feel free to ask. We will be happy to help you.

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