Business plan on online hypermarket would be an online hypermarket which would enable the web users to place their order for goods and get it delivered at home for a lesser price. It would deal in all grocery products and general merchandise including home furnishings, utensils, crockery, cutlery, sports goods and much more at prices which will be much lower than other hypermarkets. would design a website which would enable the user to sign in and select from the large variety of goods. We would not buy and stock those goods in large volumes with us. We would tie up with the local distributors and place the orders when we receive order from the customers. Now the distributors would not sell us goods in less volume but the orders will be placed through the internet so the number of buyers would be more and so the orders would be huge. So when we receive the order from our customers, we would place the order to our suppliers. Now if we don’t stock the goods, we don’t need the warehouse nor do we need a retail space as we are selling it online. So this would decrease our costs as we don’t have those huge fixed costs of land, building, infrastructure nor do we have huge variable costs of inventory, administrative salaries, maintenance cost etc. So our cost of goods would be lower than that of other hypermarkets. This would help us to sell our goods at a low price and that too at their doorstep. We would try and deliver the goods to the customers as soon as possible (within 72-96 hours) depending on the terms decided with our suppliers. However we would make them prepaid members and collect the cash well in advance. This would help us to buy the goods from our suppliers in cash. This would further decrease our cost of goods.


            Once the website is popular, we would approach the companies of various products we deal and ask them to pay for their advertisements. We would also charge them for keeping their product above other competitive products (i.e. when someone searches for toothpaste, if close-up wants its name to be displayed first we would charge them). We would have to invest in a small land for warehouse for keeping the goods for a couple of days and also invest in transportation cost. We would have to install mini ERP software to manage our inventory which would be connected to our suppliers. The ERP would place the order automatically once it receives the order from the customer. Moreover the system would also keep track of the customer behavior and their buying trends. The software can store the data of each and every customer and help the customer in making the buying decision based on early purchases.

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