advertising Agency system project

Support of Advertising Campaigns of Two Types

An advertiser can choose a campaign with a fixed price or a campaign with a fixed number of banner’s exposure; he/she can also execute a campaign himself/herself or delegate the authority to a skilled client’s manager.
Gathering and Processing User Data

The advertising tracking system gathers statistics on all registered visitors of websites and about the most frequently visited websites and hours of main Internet activity. With this data the system determines the user’s most important characteristics-gender, age, interests etc. From this information the user’s type is defined and stored in the system database for an advertiser to generate target groups.
“Banner Exposure Scenario ” Creation Tool

This is a tool developed for an advertiser to create different scenarios of banner exposure for each user type. This banner management tool will identify things such as which websites to select for advertising campaign, ideal time of day to run online banner, which day of the week to run online banner, etc.
Ad Delivery Engine

Using the unique patented technology, developed for this project, the delivery engine appends multimedia ads to the content, which is delivered to the target audience.
Statistics Gathring

The banner tracking software gathers statistics on each advertising campaign and creates reports for the advertisers. (An advertiser can choose a report on average and total amount of each banner exposure, average and total amount of clicks/ unique clicks, CTR; with grouping or/ and limitation on any combination of the following parameters: an advertising campaign, a banner, date, time, a website, etc.) Advertisers can use these reports to modify the advertising campaign.
Payment System

The payment system supports online and offline options and integrated with several payment gateways.

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