A STUDY ON THE LIFE INSURANCE POLICES Life insurance is designed to protect life and to product family against financial uncertainties that may result due to unfortunate demise or illness. It can also view as a comprehensive financial instrument, as a part of the financial planning offering savings & investment facilities along with cover against financial loss. By choosing the… Read moreA STUDY ON THE LIFE INSURANCE POLICES


DNA COMPUTING Seminar Many researches in the life sciences today are focused on DNA, identifying the critical sequences within genes that govern health and disease. Increasingly, this analysis demands vast computational resources. DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) molecules, the material our genes are made of, have the potential to perform calculations many times faster than the world’s most powerful human-built computers. A… Read moreDNA COMPUTING Seminar

paper presentation on Nano Technology

            In today’s fast world the technology is changing day to day. Even today man has developed some amazing structures. In the early years man has create huge items. But its time to move towards smaller. Science is always trying to do the same things, which are happening in the nature. Can we get a huge thing in negligible weight… Read morepaper presentation on Nano Technology

Paper Presentation On Wireless Sensor Network

Paper Presentation On WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK   Conventional RF wireless receivers, Bluetooth, Zigbee, 802.11 etc, consume tens to hundreds of mW of battery power when operational. The only way therefore in which the power budgets needed for many wireless sensor applications can be met is to organize the network so that the receivers are rarely switched on. This intermittent operation… Read morePaper Presentation On Wireless Sensor Network

Interplanetary Internet

The current exploration of solar system by of robotics means and possibly later by missions crewed by people that motivates our interest in an interplanetary internet. We believe that the creation and adoption of internet friendly standard for space communication will enhance our ability to build a common interplanetary infrastructure.   In introduce a new construct, a tuple consisting of… Read moreInterplanetary Internet

Comparative annalysis of financial statement in respect to indain rayon v/s century textile

An Industrial Project Report  On “COMPARATIVE ANNALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENT IN RESPECT TO INDAIN RAYON V/S CENTURY TEXTILE”   Sr. No.                                 Particulars                                                            Page no. 1.       Industry overview       ……………………………………………………2                               1.1 company profile                        1.2 aditya birla group                        1.3 vision & mission                        1.4 group overview                        1.5 history & development                        1.6 locations                        1.7 safety policy… Read moreComparative annalysis of financial statement in respect to indain rayon v/s century textile

Human resource Information System

Summer Internship Project Report   June & July 2009  on  Human Resource Information System AT Alok Industries Limited Mumbai   Ø Executive summary                                                                                   Ø Objectives of study Ø Scope of study Ø Human Resource Information System                                                                                                  Part 2    Ø Company History Ø Plants Ø Company policies Ø Awards and Certification Ø Company Locations Part 3   Ø… Read moreHuman resource Information System