Report on Steam Boiler at BALKRISHNA BOILERS PVT. LTD.

BALKRISHNA BOILERS PVT. LTD. is into manufacturing and supply of allt ype of heating drying and spares since last 20 years. heating systems with the latest technology with high efficiency minimum maintain and user fondly equipment. The Company is able to supply application support products advice and full Technical back up on all aspects of heating systems, To get the… Read moreReport on Steam Boiler at BALKRISHNA BOILERS PVT. LTD.

advertising Agency system project

Support of Advertising Campaigns of Two Types An advertiser can choose a campaign with a fixed price or a campaign with a fixed number of banner’s exposure; he/she can also execute a campaign himself/herself or delegate the authority to a skilled client’s manager. Gathering and Processing User Data The advertising tracking system gathers statistics on all registered visitors of websites… Read moreadvertising Agency system project

Economic Impact of Factory Farms

The 20th Century Transformation of US Agriculture and Farm Policy An examination of the long-term forces that have helped shape the present structure of agriculture and rural life, including productivity growth, the increasing importance of national and global markets, and the rising influence of consumers in agricultural production (USDA Economic Research Service, Carolyn Dimitri, Anne Effland, and Neilson Conklin. June… Read moreEconomic Impact of Factory Farms


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), as the central bank of the country, closely monitors developments in the whole financial sector.The banking sector is dominated by Scheduled Commercial Banks (SBCs). As at end-March 2002, there were 296 Commercial banks operating in India. This included 27 Public Sector Banks (PSBs), 31 Private, 42 Foreign and 196 Regional Rural Banks. Also, there… Read moreGRAND PROJECT ON CREDIT APPRAISAL IN BANKING SECTOR

High Speed Data Application on Mobile Networks

HIGH SPEED DATA APPLICATION ON MOBILE NETWORKS          Mobile means wireless device. Mobile is known as Cell Phones. Mobile is a common instrument now-a-days. Mobile is easily available in present. Mobile is easy to access. Mobile is an electronic communication device and as well a as part of Information Technology. In the field of IT nothing stops at some place…. Read moreHigh Speed Data Application on Mobile Networks

Traning and developement and career planning

UNIT – 13  TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT    Organizations and individuals should develop and progress simultaneously for their survival and attainment of mutual goals.  Hence every modern management aims at developing the organization through developing its resources, because the people, of the people and for the people, make organization.  If an organization has to develop, then its employees have to develop. … Read moreTraning and developement and career planning