Marketing Feasibility report on Two wheeler

            Electric two wheeler could not even be imagined when Baron von Drais inanted a wood “Walking machine” in 1817 to be used in the royal gardens. The draisienne or hobby horse was propelled by pushing the feet against ground .Next was the wooden velocipede or Boneshaker in 1865 with the pedals applied directly to the front wheel .The First… Read moreMarketing Feasibility report on Two wheeler

Report on Ajanta

BASIC INFORMATION Name of the company: –     ELLORA TIMES LTD. [ORPAT]   Year of establishment:-      1991   Location                      :-       Ellora Times Ltd.                                               Orpat Industrial Estate,                                               Rajkot highway                                               Morbi. Guj. India.   The company is the first in India to undertake in house I.C.chip Bonding.  The company has already installed essential machineries, such as wafer saving machine, quartz… Read moreReport on Ajanta

Kinetic Motors

“Kinetic has become synonymous with pioneering activities, in the Indian automobile industry. Kinetic pioneered the concept of personalized transportation in India, with the launch of Kinetic Luna, in 1972. Since then, the brand Kinetic Luna has become generic with mopeds.”       Kinetic has won several awards on many fronts. Some of these are:  

Report on Mother diary

                   Mother Dairy is a well known dairy in Gujarat and it is a leading supplier of milk product in Ahmedabad. It was started in the year 1994 because the members of the milk union faced a problem of handling the surplus milk so for that objective Mother Dairy was started.                      Mother Dairy is located on the outskirts… Read moreReport on Mother diary

Project report on Railway

                           Indian railways, when this name is heard, a small smile can be seen on your face. What was It before few years and what it is now. it is all due to our union minister of railways Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav. Because of his wisdom and management skills railways, which was incurring losses is now a dividend paying company.It was… Read moreProject report on Railway


The project gives a revolutionary twirl in the terms of computer and web technology. The application allows you to use your bank login account and make use of various functionalities available with. The project has been deployed in a range of technologies platform as to gain maximum outcome of all according to the user’s requirement. Going precisely, the application is… Read moreCORE BANKING in JSP/JAVA

Devices Control Over Internet

REQUEST HERE to GET MORE INFORMATION OF THIS PROJECT This web based application allows you to control the home appliances and manymore other hardware i.e. fire alarm, robot controlling etc. The whole project is developedin visual basic 6 programming language with he help of Winsock control. The completeproject is dividing into main three parts. 1) Client software (server controller)2) Server3)… Read moreDevices Control Over Internet